Patrick Callaway

My research focuses on the connections between American agriculture and the Atlantic World
from 1765-1815. Particularly, my research outlines the enduring connection between the US
and the Atlantic grain economy pre and post American independence, with a special emphasis
on the roles played by agricultural settlement in Nova Scotia as a complicating factor
influencing Anglo-American diplomacy through the War of 1812.

I am currently in the process of editing my dissertation and researching potential publishers for a
monograph based on my dissertation. I am also currently writing two journal articles beyond the
dissertation based on my research at the Provincial Archives of Nova Scotia during my Fulbright
exchange in 2018-19; the articles focus on the Halifax Naval Office Records from the 1750s and
60s and the military crisis in Nova Scotia of 1762 as an examination of imperial fragility. In one
of my upcoming writing projects, I intend to reexamine the settler-colonial project in Nova
Scotia as a case study of provincial and imperial government involvement in public welfare
programming in a unique way during the mid to late 1700s

Ph.D., History, University of Maine (2019)
MA, History, Montana State University (2008)
BS, Secondary Education, University of Montana Western (2005)
BA, Social Science, University of Montana Western (2004)

Courses as instructor of record, University of Maine.
HTY 105: History of Ancient and Medieval Europe
HTY 106: History of Modern Europe
HTY 199: Problems in History (Epidemics in American History)
HTY 240: Creation of the Atlantic World
HTY 241: History of Globalization, 1900-present
HTY 357: Napoleonic Empire
HTY 407: Age of Monarchies and Revolutions

Courses as instructor of record at other institutions include: American history surveys I and II,
Colonial New England, European Conquest of the New World (1500-1800), American
Environmental History, and Young America (1815-1850) among others.

Selected Fellowships and Grants
Fulbright Study and Research Award to Canada, 2018-19.

Program in Early American Economy and Society three month fellowship (2018, declined to
accept Fulbright).
Susan J. Hunter Teaching Fellowship, University of Maine, 2018.
Program in Early American Economy and Society, Library Company of Philadelphia, Short Term
Fellowship, 2015.
David Library of the American Revolution, Short Term Fellowship, 2015.

Selected Publications
“An Uncertain Trumpet: Coastal Mainers, Nova Scotians, and the War of 1812,” Chebacco, The
Magazine of the Mount Desert Island Historical Society, Vol. 21, pp. 80-87.

“The Cost of Being In-between: War, Peace, and Trade Management in Jefferson’s Second
Administration, 1805-1809,” Marine Corps University Journal Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. 9-20.
"Legalized Smuggling: Nova Scotia and American Grain Merchants, 1807-1814" Acadiensis blog
(invited contribution).

“Fear, Capital Punishment, and Order: The Construction and Use of Capital Punishment
Statutes in Early Modern England and Seventeenth Century New England” in Gordon Morris
Bakken, ed., An Invitation to an Execution: A History of the Death Penalty in the United States
(Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2010), pp. 47-59.

Selected Research Presentations and Invited Papers
“Nova Scotia and the ‘New Empire’ 1783-1815”. University of Maine Canadian-American Center
Research Lecture, 4 March 2020. (Invited Paper)

"Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Grain Economy, 1749-1793" Lawrence C. Stokes Seminar Series,
Dalhousie University, 8 February 2019. (Invited Paper)

“Restrictions, Selective Enforcement, and Obedience: Commerce in the Northwestern Atlantic,
1807-1814.” Atlantic Canada Studies Conference, Wolfville, Nova Scotia. 4-5 May 2018.

“Grain, Warfare, and the Persistence of Trade: The United States and the Peninsular War, 1810-
1814,” Society of the Historians of the Early American Republic summer conference. New
Haven, Connecticut. 21-24 July 2016.

“The Resources with Which to Fight: The U.S. Government and the Failure of American
Economic Strategy, 1807-1815,” Society of the Historians of the Early American Republic
Summer 2014 conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 20 July 2014.