Cristina Arrigoni Martelli

Cristina Arrigoni Martelli received her PhD in environmental history and medieval history from York University, Toronto in 2015, and her MA from the University of Maine History Department in 2007. She is particularly interested in human animal relationships, with a particular focus on hunting, material culture, and in how pre-modern humans used and thought of their natural resources. She has recently published on the conservation strategies of late medieval Italians pertaining to game animals as well as on falconry and on non-aristocratic commercial bird hunts, again for medieval Italy. She is currently at work on an essay on the training of medieval European hunting dogs and one on sixteenth century Pope Leo X’s master of the hunt, Domenico Boccamazza. Cristina has taught extensively at the University of Maine, Orono, and the University of Maine, Machias. Of particular mention, HTY 321 World Environmental History, HTY 291 Disease in History, HTY 320 Hunting in Maine, and European History from the beginnings of Rome through the Reformation (HTY 402-HTY 405).