Mazie (Mary L.) Hough

Ph.D., University of Maine, 1997

Mazie is an early twentieth century American Social Historian with a focus on women’s history. Her dissertation was a comparative study of the community response to unwed mothers in Maine and Tennessee from 1874-1954. Her work has included research on women and reform, legal history, social activism, and Maine women’s history. She is a member of the Somali Narratives Project – a collaborative, interdisciplinary project which is gathering interviews in Lewiston, Maine, in order to document the experiences of Somali immigrants there. She is also a member of the Maine Feminist Oral History Project which is working collectively on a history of Spruce Run Association of Bangor, Maine, one of the oldest domestic violence projects in the country.

Mazie taught Introduction to Women’s Studies, Women’s Studies Methodology, Womanhood in America, Women and Globalization, and also co-taught with Carol Toner, coordinator of the Maine Studies Program and Research Associate and Assistant Professor in History, a series of courses on Women and War. At WIC, her many responsibilities include coordinating the Maryann Hartman Awards, the WIC Lunch Series, Women’s History Celebration, and serving on several committees.

As a member of the International Affairs committee, she oversees the International Affairs Women’s Studies concentration.