Conduct Class Information

If you have been sanctioned to complete a class with our Student Resource Coordinator (SRC), you can find the schedule here!

Conduct classes are held in the Memorial Union Rm. 150 – Wade Center – Commuter Lounge from 6-7PM. 

Please RSVP ahead of time by choosing which date you plan to attend the class in the Conduct Options List on this page. The CLASS MAY BE CANCELED due to bad weather or unforeseen schedule changes.

If you have any questions about this class or can not make the posted time for your class, please e-mail or call 207.581.1420.

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Improve your study skills, time management, goal setting and critical thinking in our workshops!
    Update your study skills and improve your studying efficiency. Improve your focus, reduce the amount of time spent studying and learn new methods that help you improve your studying experience.
    Learn which activities you should be accounting for in your day to day schedule, estimate the amount of time that you spend on your daily tasks and make a weekly schedule that is tailored to your personal needs. Paired with study skills, this workshop will improve your day to day flow, reduce mental task keeping and make the most of your free time.
    Smart goals stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. By starting small and building up, you gain goal momentum, build success methodology and improve scholastic habits. This method is applicable to personal improvement too!
    Learn the critical thinking process and make more informed decisions by writing down what you know, identifying key elements needing clarification, obtaining missed information and repeating the process to make a confident decision. This method works well for the writing process and can be useful in your everyday life!