Counseling Center staff in front of Counseling Center sign

Welcome to the Counseling Center

We’re glad you’re here

The Counseling Center is open

Monday – Friday

8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Give us a call 207-581-1392

For Staff/Faculty

Check out this page for more information about how the Counseling Center can support you in your role working with students.

For Athletes

For resources and information specifically pertaining to the mental health of our student athletes, give this page a look.

For Parents

Click here to review some frequently asked questions about the Counseling Center, the student handbook, and mental health in general.

In Counseling Center News

Check out the new Meditation Space!

Stop into our new room for a quiet place to recharge throughout your day!
No appointment necessary. Located right here in the center.

Meet our new therapist!

Ella Sulinski, LCSW is a UMaine Alumni! After serving the broader community, she is returning to the University to give back to her fellow Black Bears! She’s passionate about meeting her clients where they are at and identifying their strengths to help them meet their goals!