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Everyone has problems sometimes

Working with a counselor gives you the chance to talk it through, explore your options, and grow.


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Reach us at 207-581-1392

Monday- Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

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We are located at 5721 Cutler Health Center room 125 across from Gannett Hall

Initial Consultation

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During your first appointment we will discuss what your needs are and how to meet them

What We Can Do

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As long as you are in ME, we provide individual counseling to enrolled students

Explore the topics below for some things we can help with

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While different counselors take different approaches, we can guarantee that all staff will respect you and maintain your confidentiality (see the rare exceptions to that below)

As part of our profession’s Ethical Codes and NASW and as a matter of law you can expect that in almost all cases information you share will remain confidential within the Center. Exceptions to this include:

  • When the client gives us written permission to share information with someone else;
  • When its seems imminently likely that an individual is dangerous to themselves or someone else (for example, they might kill themselves soon);
  • When information is offered that leads us to believe that a child or an adult who is unable to protect him or herself has been or is likely to be abused or neglected;
  • When the information is requested by valid court order.

Individual counseling is available to students who are currently enrolled or are enrolled in the upcoming semester.

Faculty, staff, and administration are encouraged to use the Counseling Center for outreach programs and consultation.

For an initial consultation appointment, we ask that you arrive 20-30 minutes early to fill out your online paperwork. These forms consist of:

  • General demographic information
  • Questionnaires regarding past and present mental health symptoms and life events
  • Informed consent, recording consent, and teletherapy consent

For all appointments after, you will just complete a questionnaire about your mental health symptoms.

Doctoral interns are students enrolled in a doctoral psychology program and are in the process of fulfilling a year-long, full-time internship before receiving their doctorate degree.

Master’s interns are students in the mental health field, ie. social work, psychology, or counseling.

Intern’s work is recorded (audio or video) as part of supervision. They cannot record sessions without your consent.