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Meet Hailey Perkins, LMSW-CC

Hailey is a Black Bear through-and-through. A Mainer born and raised, she is a UMaine Alumni with a Master’s degree in Social Work. During her academic career, she played for on the Softball team. Now she is committed to the teams by serving their mental health needs.

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“If you roll your ankle, you don’t hide that injury from your team, right? We need to attack the stigma that [depression] is something you have to hide.”

For Your Information

According to the NCAA . . .

of athletes know where to go on campus if they have mental health concerns

of athletes feel their coaches take their mental health concerns seriously

of athletes feel that their mental health is a priority to their athletics department

We believe

“It should be no different than treating a sprained ankle. If you’re having an issue that’s emotional or behavioral, the expectation should be that you step forward and do something about it.”