Athletics Outreach Requests

Outreach Requests for Athletics Programs

Mental Health outreach, education, and prevention can support our mission of “developing champions with integrity”

Black Bear athletics is dedicated to equipping the next generation of leaders for success on and off the field

-what better way to start than by learning and improving your mental wellness?

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This training targets suicidality and focuses on educating individuals on suicide prevention, statistics, and myth. Come develop skills to help support peers and identify warning signs.

This training emphasizes skills related to de-escalation and teaches bystanders how to effectively respond when a peer is in crisis.

This training targets societal norms when it comes to diet and body image. Learn how to identify disordered eating behaviors, and explore how environment can influence athletes view on their bodies.

This training targets the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, self care and toxic stress. It explores ways to cope with toxic stress and ways to connect with others when faced with lifes difficulties.

This training focuses on the skill of mindfulness, and provides knowledge, strategies and understanding on how to utilize it. As well as improving well-being and performance, you will participate in exercises during the presentation to strengthen the mindfulness skill.

This training explores sports related anxiety, signs and causes. As well as applying coping strategies, resiliency and radical acceptance to performance related challenges. 

This training explores what instills confidence in athletes, and how to boost confidence through connection and relationships with coaches and fellow teammates. 

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