For Faculty/Staff

In response to the tragedies of Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois, colleges across the country have created teams that review student cases in which one or more person is concerned about a student who may be struggling in the classroom and beyond.

SBRT is UMaine’s multidisciplinary team of professionals who review cases and create appropriate and timely responses to students who may need assistance to be successful at UMaine.

If you are concerned about a student, please contact the Dean of Students Office and Associate Dean of Students, Dr. Kenda Scheele at 207-581-1406.

The Dean of Students office is often in the best position to support a student of concern with a wide variety of resources, including referring the student to the Counseling Center, academic resources, etc.

You may also wish to encourage the student to contact the Counseling Center at 207-581-1392 and/or direct them to our For Students page for helpful resources, or review  information for a student in immediate distress. If you are concerned for their immediate safety, or the safety of others, please contact UMPD at 207-581-4040 or call 911.

Consultation and Referral Services


  • First Year Seminars
    • Introduces participants to the Counseling Center’s range of services
    • Provides psychoeducation on common mental health concerns
    • Reviews basic coping strategies and self care methods to maintain mental health
  • Working with Students in Distress
    • Understand the mental health status/climate of students at UMaine and nationally
    • Explore differences between stress and distress and common symptoms
    • Learn how to provide psychological first aid and when to refer the student out
    • Resources on campus available to support the staff and the student
  • Gatekeeper Training (1-2 hours)
    • Learn to recognize early signs of depression and suicide
    • Learn more about the resources on campus
    • Develop more comfort and skill in talking about depression and suicide.
    • Practice making interventions and referrals.

If you would like to schedule a training for your department, please email Julia Vicaire

Additional Resources