Higher Ed Hello

Welcome and hearty Maine hello! The University of Maine’s Higher Ed Hello is an opportunity for students who have been newly admitted to the Higher Education Master’s Program to learn more about the program and to interview for Graduate Assistant positions at UMaine.

Currently, the departments below will be interviewing for the following Graduate Assistantships:


Bodwell Center for Service and Volunteerism

Graduate Assistantships: Bodwell CE GA Job Description and Bodwell BBM GA Job Description

Website: https://umaine.edu/volunteer/


Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Graduate Assistantship: CITL Workshops GA Spring 2023 (1)

Website: https://umaine.edu/citl


Commuter and Non Traditional Student Programs

Graduate Assistantship: GA for Commuter Events (1)

Website: https://umaine.edu/cntsp


Division of Lifelong Learning (UMaine Online)

Graduate Assistantship: GA for DLL UM Online

Website: https://dll.umaine.edu/


Financial Aid

Graduate Assistantship: FA GA Job Description 1.19.23

Website: https://umaine.edu/stuaid/


Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

Graduate Assistantship: Greek GA position 23

Website: https://umaine.edu/studentinvolvement/greek-life/


Higher Education Graduate Programs

Graduate Assistantship: HED GA Anticipated Opening 2023-24

Website: https://umaine.edu/edhd/graduate/higher-education-masters-cas/


Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Graduate Assistantship: 2023 ODI GA.docx

Website: https://umaine.edu/diversity-and-inclusion/


Residence Life

Graduate Assistantship: ACC Job Description 23-24.docx

Website: https://umaine.edu/reslife


Student Wellness Resource Center

Graduate Assistantship: GA Job Description Mind Spa Management

Website: https://umaine.edu/wellness/


** Most positions are funded, in part, via federal work study. The vast majority of candidates, by virtue of their status as graduate students, will qualify for work study. Given this, candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for all positions in which they have an interest.