Welcome to Campus Activities!

If you have found your way here, it means you’re looking for fun events while you’re at UMaine, and you’re at the right place! We are home to the fun and the free events on campus, so remember, “if it’s free, it’s for me!”

Each week we host a variety of events for all interest groups on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, so you should never feel like there is nothing to do on campus!

See an event that you want more information on? Check us out on instagram and facebook: @um.getinvolved or email us um.getinvolved@maine.edu

Check out fun from our past events!

Upcoming Events!

Playback Mingo          September 9th at 8pm Northpod (Union)
Disney Trivia            September 10th at 9pm Northpod (Union)
Cruella – Movie      September 11th at 9pm      On the Mall
Bubble Painting        September 16th at 8pm  Northpod (Union)
Find a Buddy                September 17th at 9pm Northpod (Union)


Bubble Soccer          September 18th at 9pm Northpod (Union)
Hungry Hungry Hippos  September 23rd at 8pm  Northpod (Union)
Movie                              September 24th at 9pm      On the Mall
Magician                      September 25th at 9pm Collins Center for the Arts
Mini Farms                September 30th at 8pm Northpod (Union)


DIY Spa Night                October 1st at 9pm    Northpod (Union)
Glow with the Flow          October 2nd at 9pm Northpod (Union)
Movie & S’mores                October 7th at 8pm              On the Mall
Fall Break Mingo                October 8th at 9pm Northpod (Union)
Bob Ross Night                October 9th at 9pm Northpod (Union)


Dip Mugs                        October 14th at 8pm Northpod (Union)
Corn Hole Tournament  October 15th at 9pm            On the Mall
Live Entertainer              October 16th at 9pm Northpod (Union)
Pumpkin Carving          October 21st at 8pm Northpod (Union)
Dodgeball Tournament  October 22nd at 9pm          On the Mall


Bus Trip                        October 23rd                  Details Coming Soon!
Escape Rooms              October 28th at 8pm  Northpod (Union)
Halloweekend                    October 29th & 30th      Details Coming Soon!
Student Choice!      November 4th at 8pm Northpod (Union)
National Donut Day  November 5th at 9pm Northpod (Union)
Hello Maine Cooking Class  November 6th at 9pm  Northpod (Union)
Brown Bag Mingo          November 11th at 8pm Northpod (Union)
Throwback Craft Night    November 12th at 9pm Northpod (Union)
Red Carpet Movie Night    November 13th at 9pm Northpod (Union)
Surprise Night            November 18th at 8pm Northpod (Union)