Who is a commuter student ?

You are a commuter student whether you live across the street and walk to campus, use the Black Bear Orono Express, or drive daily from Ellsworth or further.  If you do not live in UMaine housing you are a commuter. Over 60 percent of UMaine undergraduates live off campus.  Within this large group of commuter students there are nontraditional students who represent about 4-5% of UMaine undergraduates.

Who is a nontraditional student?

 Nontraditional students, have generally chosen to pursue a UMaine bachelors degree while already managing many other life roles. Nontraditional students are those who have chosen to come to college several years past their graduation from high school, undergraduates who are 24 years or older, are married, are parents themselves and/or have been through other life circumstances that differentiate them from the traditional path.


Commuter and Non-Traditional Student Programs (CNTSP) provides a comprehensive set of programs and services for our commuting students that enhances their educational experience and supports their retention and success at the University of Maine. Our programs and services assist commuter and nontraditional students to connect with the UMaine community and successfully pursue their academic goals. The CNTSP office is committed to fostering a university climate that includes and integrates commuter and nontraditional students. This office collaborates with other university departments and local towns to raise awareness of the specific needs and concerns of these student populations. CNTSP is a unit within the Division of Student Life and is based in the Commuter Lounge located in the Wade Center, ground floor of Memorial Union.