Student Organizations

These student organizations exist to represent commuter and non-traditional students  including veteran students . Officers of these groups work closely with CNTSP to meet the needs of their membership.


 CANS Logo Commuter and Non Traditional Students (CANS)

CANS  is a Representative Board of Student Government, Inc. This board Making pancakes for the CANS Commuter Pancake Breakfast, Fall 2015 represents  three groups of students  in policy and government here on campus; commuters, nontraditional students and veterans.


CANS board includes a rep from each of the related student  groups; the Nontraditional Students Association,( NSA), The UMaine Veterans Association (UMVA) and  traditional commuter students. CANS supports Commuter Week , provides a free commuter pancake breakfast generally every third week  of the month and helps support First Friday Bagels in the Commuter Lounge.

CANS Executive board 2018-19

President : Chris Toothaker                                       Vice president:  Ian Johnson

Secretary;  Cameron Bowie                                        Treasurer: Ryan Pelletier

Commuter Rep; Drew Thibodeau                              Non traditional Student Rep: Becca Pelletier

Veteran Student Rep:

Please contact Chris Toothhaker at if you are interested in joining CANS

CANS  currently meets in the Commuter Lounge / Wade Center  every  Wednesday  at 3PM
Contact the president at for more information

Nontraditional Students Association (NSA)NSA Logo

Students interested in joining NSA should contact  Barbara Smith at  who advises NSA

The Non-Traditional Students Association (NSA) was founded in the Fall of 2006  by several UMaine non traditional students to provide services and programs specifically for this population of UMaine students. NSA is a recognized Student Government group. NSA’s mission is:

  • To assist non-traditional students in adapting to university life.
  • To identify specific issues relating to non-traditional students.
  • To act as an advocate for non-traditional students.
  • To develop programs, services, and information that improves the university experience for non-traditional students.
  • To develop understanding between non-traditional students, university staff and faculty, and traditional students.
  • To promote networking, mentoring and friendship among non-traditional students.

Who are Non-traditional Students?

  • Students who are assuming responsibilities in addition to studies, such as parent, spouse or partner, family caretaker, or employee
  • Students who are back in school after several years of employment, homemaking, or other activity
  • Students who are veterans of the armed services

NSA Programs

Family Movie & Pizza

Since fall 2008,  NSA have been able to provide  at least two Saturday or Sunday  Pizza and Movie events  of  each semester. Te movie are always family friendly and the atmosphere is definitely set for children of all ages

Family Tickets to Athletic Events

Generally during the fall semester , Athletics provided a large amount of free tickets to CNTSP & NSA to distribute to Non traditional Students  and their family members . While students are admitted for free with their Maine Card , this program allows non traditional students  to attend with their partner, and/or children at no cost.  Look for notices in the Commuter Lounge or on our Facebook page.

 Non Traditional Student Graduation Breakfast

In collaboration with CNTSP , NSA co – host this annual graduation breakfast for Nontraditional students . Each student in attendance receive a graduation medallion from the Vice President for Student Life

Non-Traditional Students Week

NSA provides input for planning this week of events for Non traditional Students  and generally funds ( through Student Government )  the lunch for the live ‘n’ learn series of lectures organized during this week. Generally this week occurs the first week of November.

NSA Bake Off

This annual fundraiser for NSA takes place during Non Traditional Student Week .  Faculty , staff and students submit their baked goods for the Bake-Off. For a small charge anyone can taste each submission and vote for the favorite .

NSA sponsored awards and recognition

The Non-Traditional Student Association in collaboration with Commuter and Non traditional Student Programs recognizes several non traditional students  with  the  Graduating Non Traditional Student Achievement Award  and the Linda Bradford Non Traditional Student  Camps/Community Service Award. Students are nominated by friends, faculty, or staff in late spring semester.

Jane Wellman-Little, Phyllis Brazee and Dana Devoe

NSA also recognized faculty or staff who have been supportive to non traditional students in their  teaching , advising and program planning.

Nominations are accepted in April each year and  winners  are chosen by Student Affairs staff.   Certificate of these awards are given out at the Non Traditional Student Graduation Breakfast . This even is traditionally the last Thursday of Classes in the Spring Semester .

To nominate a non traditional student or faculty /staff

NSA Bylaws

Bylaws of Nontraditional Students Association (NSA

)ARTICLE I – Name The name of this association shall be Nontraditional Students Association (NSA)

.ARTICLE II – Objective The objective of this association shall be:

  1. To assist nontraditional students in adapting to university life.
  2. To identify specific issues relating to nontraditional students.
  3. To act as an advocate for nontraditional students.
  4. To develop programs, services, and information that improves the university experience for nontraditional students.
  5. To develop understanding between nontraditional students, university staff and faculty, and traditional students.
  6. To promote networking, mentoring and friendship among nontraditional students.

ARTICLE III – Membership Membership is given to any person who attends the meetings or events of the NSA or registers with the officers of the NSA.

ARTICLE IV – Officers The officers of the association shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations and Events Director. Officers shall serve until a successor is elected.

Elections will be held during April each year or as needed to fill vacancies. Sufficient notice of the dates of nominations and elections must be given to all registered members.Update History v1.00 – 04/02/2007 v1.10 – 04/12/2008 ARTICLE IV amended to add “or as needed to fill vacancies.”

Former  NSA Officers

Kathleen (Kat)  O’Connell:  President from inception ( 2007 )-May 2010.

Lisa Chapman Secretary/Treasurer from inception  2007- 2009

Lucas Rumler.  Secretary/ Treasurer 2009-2010

Jason Canniff : President 2010- 2012

Antonio Giacomuzzi : President :

David Patrick  : President  2014- 2015

Jennifer M. Brown: President 2015- 2016

Joan McCue:  President Fall 2016

Lacey  Darling: President   Nov 2016- 2017 and Monica Littlefield : Vice President  2016-2017

Inactive : 2017-18

Amy Dias: President 2018-2019

The University of Maine Veterans Association (UMVA)

UMaine Veterans Association is a group designed to advocate for student veterans, encourage veteran social activities, and assist fellow veteran students here at UMaine. Contact the VETS office for more information