Information for New Students

PLEASE NOTE: This year’s Maine Hello will look very different due to COVID-19. We will be moving students in over the course of a week (August 24-29).

Please visit to see what day you will be moving in based on your residence hall and room number. Here you can also find the letter, map, and other information you will be getting in the mail. 

You will be getting a letter in the mail that tells you what time to move in! If you do not receive a letter by Friday, 8/14, please email and we will help you!

Some timeless information that will be helpful to you: 

Getting ready?  Check out these tips!

Please refer to our list of what to bring and what not to bring before you start packing.

A couple of quick tips to make the move-in process quicker for you:

  • Label everything (boxes, bags, etc.) with your last name, hall and room number.
  • Double check your housing assignment before you head to campus. You can do so by logging into the myHousing website and clicking the box that says “check my assignment”. If you have any questions or concerns you can call or email Housing Services at or at 207.581.4580.
  • Have your ID handy!  You will need this in order to get your MaineCard and check in!

If you have any questions, you can call the First-Year Center at 207.581.1420 or the Dean’s Suite at 207.581.1406. You can also email us with questions specifically about moving in at