Information for New Students

Your first day at UMaine is August 30, 2019…and we can’t wait for you to arrive!

Students Arriving to Campus Before Maine Hello

If your student is part of the band, dance team, or an athletic team, or if they are going on a pre-arrival trip, such as the Biology Schoodic trip, Marine Science trip, Forestry trip, or one of our OPTIONS trips, they may be required to come to campus before August 30. Students who arrive to campus before Wednesday, August 28 will be assigned a temporary housing assignment during their pre-season practice period. Students who arrive on campus on Wednesday, August 28 will be able to move right into their fall residence hall assignments. However, there is usually very limited time provided for moving into the residence halls, thus students and their families should not plan to fully unpack the students’ belongings and set up the room in this time frame.

Given that many families are traveling from “away” and may not be able to come to campus twice in such a short time period, our recommended courses of action are as follows:

  1. If your student is coming up before August 28, send them to campus with just the basics that they need for pre-season practice or their trip. Get a copy of their trip schedule or pre-season schedule (from the coach or director) and coordinate with your student to meet them on campus on August 30 with the rest of their belongings. This will ensure that your student will not need to pack and move all of their belongings across campus on their own when they move from their temporary housing assignment to their fall housing assignment.
  2. If your student is coming up on August 28 for a pre-season trip and you want to have the experience of unpacking and setting up their room with them, send your student to campus with just the basics for their trip. Have your student contact you once their bus arrives back on campus, and the family can then plan to arrive on campus in this time frame to meet your student and help them set up their room. Please note that your student’s housing contract is in their name and we will not let anyone into the room without the student present. This may mean that you will arrive outside of your assigned arrival period (per instructions below), which is ok.
  3. If your student is coming on August 28 for a pre-season trip and you do not necessarily want or need to have the experience of unpacking and setting up their room with them, then feel free to bring all of their belongings with them on August 28. Just know that their schedule may not allow for much time with your student before they leave for their trip.

Move-in Process for First-Year and Honors Residence Halls

Most incoming first-year students will be moving into one of the following residence halls: Oxford, Somerset, Knox, Cumberland, Gannett, Androscoggin, Colvin, Balentine, Penobscot, York, or Hancock.  In order to minimize traffic throughout the day on Friday, August 30 we ask students moving into one of the halls listed above to arrive on campus in waves, by last name.  Please see below for your time slot.

  • Last name A-I 7:30am-10:30am
  • Last name J-R 10:30am-1:30pm
  • Last name S-Z 1:30pm-3:00pm

Move-in Process for all Other Residence Halls

If you are a new or new transfer student who has been assigned to a hall other than those listed above, you may plan to arrive at any time during the day. However, due to a limited number of volunteers we are not able to provide move-in assistance at those other halls.

Getting ready?  Check out these tips!

Please refer to our list of what to bring and what not to bring before you start packing.

A couple of quick tips to make the move-in process quicker for you:

  • Label everything (boxes, bags, etc.) with your last name, hall and room number.
  • Double check your housing assignment before you head to campus. You can do so by logging into the myHousing website and clicking the box that says “check my assignment”. If you have any questions or concerns you can call or email Housing Services at or at 207.581.4580.
  • Have your ID (license, MaineCard) handy!  You will need this in order to check-in at your hall’s front desk.

More information about Maine Hello will be mailed in early August. If you did not receive this mailing, please review the information posted here. This will provide an overview of the events for the day. If you have any questions, you can call the First-Year Center at 207.581.1420 or email us with questions specifically about moving in at

Fall Welcome Weekend Events

We have an awesome schedule of events for your first weekend, so that you can learn all about campus and meet other students! Events will start at 4:00pm on Friday with dinner and a football game! Parents and family members are welcome to attend the football game, however, please note that there are no events specifically for parents or families during this time frame. The weekend’s schedule can be found here!