Living on Campus

First-year students are required to live on campus for their first full year at UMaine.  For more information about our First Year Residence Requirement, please check out the Room & Board License.

Housing Application

Incoming first-year students have three options when filling out their housing applications.

  • We have seven First Year residence halls dedicated to first-year students.  These halls include Androscoggin, Knox, Cumberland, Gannett, Somerset, Oxford, and York.  If an incoming student does not want to apply to be part of an Living Learning Community or Honors housing, the student can opt for general First Year housing and he or she will be placed into one of our six First Year residence halls at random.
  • We offer seven different themed housing communities (or Living Learning Communities), which provide first-year students the opportunity to live with peers who share a common interest.  Each of these LLCs are located within one of our First Year residence halls.  Incoming first-year students can apply to up to two (2) of our LLCs.  Please see our Themed Housing Communities page for more information.
  • We have three residence halls for both first-year and upper-class Honors students, including Penobscot, Colvin and Balentine halls.  These halls are exclusive to students admitted into the Honors program.


Incoming first-year students have the option to request a roommate.  Roommate requests can be made on the housing application, and must be mutual (i.e. both students must request each other).

Incoming students may also choose to be assigned to a roommate.  Roommate assignments are not based on personality tests, as are sometimes done at other institutions.  We have found that regardless of whether we use such a test or not, or what kind of test we use, the proportion of roommates who end up working out or not working out are about the same.

To help our first-year students be proactive roommates, we require the completion of roommate contracts during their first week of school.  This contract is a tool that students can use to help them be open and honest with their roommate about their values and expectations of one another.  The contract covers the following:

  • Sleeping patterns and general schedules
  • Borrowing your roommate’s stuff and sharing things in the room
  • Noise in the room (TV, music, etc.)
  • Cleaning schedule
  • Guest policies- same or opposite gender, how long a guest can stay, how much notice is required, etc.
  • What to do in the event of a conflict

More Information about our Residence Halls

For more information about living on campus, please check out the Residence Life website.