Students playing cards, circa 1953
Students playing cards, circa 1953


  • Nearly three-fourths of World War II veterans whose University of Maine education had been interrupted wanted to return, so, the Board of Trustees instituted a priority of acceptance. First, students in good standing; second, Maine residents who met entrance qualifications; third, out-of-state veterans; and fourth, out-of-state civilians.
  • In 1945–46, 1,848 students were enrolled at UMaine — 928 were veterans. Of the veterans, 281 were married. Due to a housing shortage, UMaine leased 32 trailers and housed 200 students at Dow Air Force Base in Bangor.
  • In 1946, to accommodate more students, many of whom were veterans, UMaine opened a Brunswick campus at the former Brunswick Naval Air Station. It was open through spring 1949.
  • The number of veterans registered at UMaine peaked in fall 1947, with 2,575 in Orono and 505 in Brunswick.
  • The first edition of the student newspaper The Maine Annex was published Jan. 10, 1947.
  • Raymond H. Fogler Library was completed in 1947.
  • December 1949 marked the Faculty Council’s first election.
  • In 1950, the University of Maine Pulp & Paper Foundation was founded.
  • Memorial Union was built in 1952–53 in honor of those who served in World War II.