UMaine cabins
UMaine cabins circa 1937


  • The first Maine Day on May 1, 1935 was intended to lessen the rivalry between first-year and sophomore students; they planted trees and painted fences. Reginald Naugler was elected the first campus mayor.
  • South Hall, formerly the University Inn, opened in 1935 in Orono. It was the first cooperative self-help dormitory for female students.
  • Fire destroyed Oak Hall in January 1936.
  • A wildlife conservation course began in 1936.
  • In 1937, University cabins, which provided low-cost housing for students in need, were constructed. Students also could buy food and supplies at a cooperative store on campus.
  • The university celebrated its 75th Founders’ Day anniversary in 1940. A total of 2,100 students were enrolled at UMaine.
  • At a student assembly in 1942, President Arthur Hauck said, “No words of mine are needed to remind you this (World War II)  is a war for national survival.”
  • In 1943, student enrollment dropped from 2,200 to 1,300 due to male students leaving to serve in World War II. By the end of 1944, 69 alumni had died in the war.
  • A fire erupted in Wingate Hall in 1943. A university fire department formed, in part, because of the blaze.
  • In February 1944, two soldiers died and others were injured in a fire in Hamlin Hall.