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Faculty Seminars

The University of Maine Humanities Initiative (UMHI) sponsors a Faculty Humanities Seminars program. Applications are welcome from all UMaine humanities faculty, regardless of home department. The Humanities Seminars are intended as “learning circles”: organizers and a small group of participants (10-12) discuss two or three brief readings of broad historical and/or theoretical importance to the humanities during a two-hour seminar. The UMHI provides light refreshments for participants.


There are two deadlines for the Faculty Seminars program: November 1, 2013 (for a Fall 2013 seminar) and January 31, 2014 (for a Spring 2014 seminar).

Application Instructions & Forms:

Faculty Seminars Application (Word)
Faculty Seminars Application (PDF)

Previous Faculty Seminars:

March 26, 2012: “Critical Theory and the Humanities”
Seminar Organizers: Steve Evans, Associate Professor of English; Michael Lang, Associate Professor of History; and Justin Wolff, Associate Professor of Art History.
Seminar Readings: Adorno, “Why Still Philosophy,” and Derrida, “The Future of the Profession or the Unconditional University (Thanks to the ‘Humanities,’ What Could Take Place Tomorrow).”

February 13, 2012: “The Meaning of Death and End of Life Care”
Seminar Organizers: Jessica Miller, Associate Professor of Philosophy, and Kirsten Jacobson, Associate Professor of Philosophy.
Seminar Readings: “Death in the First Person” by “Anonymous”; “Being–toward–death,” Martin Heidegger; “Body Medical Ethics,” David Schenck; and “Seeing the Difference,” Christina Marsden Gillis.