Judaic Studies

The Interdisciplinary Judaic Studies Minor provides substantive understanding of the historical, religious, literary, philosophical, sociological, and political experiences of the Jews. Drawing on General Education and advanced coursework from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences it offers a diverse disciplinary framing of questions central to the Jewish experience with different perspectives and methodologies. With general and Hebrew language tracks the Judaic Studies Minor is an ideal complement for majors across the University of Maine.

In addition, the Judaic Studies Program sponsors public speakers and events on campus. 

Judaic Studies at UMaine is made possible by the Norman Minsky Judaic Studies Fund.

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Contributions can be made to the Judaic Studies Enhancement Fund which supports professional development for our faculty, special events, and programs. Judaic Studies at UMaine is entirely funded by the generosity of Norman Minsky and donors like you! 
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The funds for us are either: “Judaic Studies Enhancement Fund” to support professional development, special events, and programs or the “Norman Minsky Judaic Studies Fund” the endowment that supports Judaic Studies courses at UMaine.

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