Judaic Studies

The Interdisciplinary Judaic Studies Minor provides substantive understanding of the historical, religious, literary, philosophical, sociological, and political experiences of the Jews. Drawing on General Education and advanced coursework from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences it offers a diverse disciplinary framing of questions central to the Jewish experience with different perspectives and methodologies. With general and Hebrew language tracks the Judaic Studies Minor is an ideal complement for majors across the University of Maine.

In addition, the Judaic Studies Program sponsors public speakers and events on campus. 

Judaic Studies at UMaine is made possible by the Norman Minsky Judaic Studies Fund.

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David Barnouw: Who Betrayed Anne Frank and Who Owns her Legacy?

On September 15th 2022 Judaic Studies hosted a public talk on  Anne Frank by David Barnouw, an independent scholar and emeritus researcher at the Dutch Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies. Barnouw has written over fifteen books and dozens of articles on World War II subjects. He has given lectures at Berkeley, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Princeton, Rutgers, UCLA, and WestPoint. He has been visiting professor at the University of Vermont in Burlington (2008 and 2012). Barnouw is a renowned expert on Anne Frank and follows her emergence as a global phenomenon and what this means for her historical person and her legacy as a symbol of the Holocaust. He is updating his book Who betrayed Anne Frank? (2003). His latest book The Phenomenon of Anne Frank (originally in Dutch), was published in 2018 by Indiana University Press with a translation in German (2015) and Italian (2021).

Co-sponsored by: UMaine Judaic Studies, UMaine Religious Studies, UMaine History Dept., Clement & Linda McGillicuddy Humanities Center, and the Jewish Community Endowment Association (JCEA).