Our Mission

The Clement and Linda McGillicuddy Humanities Center (MHC) supports excellent teaching, research and public engagement in the humanities to deepen understanding of the human condition.

The MHC supports programs that foster intellectual curiosity, critical reflection, and creative innovation. Central to the Center’s work is the belief that study of the humanities inspires compassion across differences, develops empathy, strengthens critical thinking skills, and cultivates the emotional and intellectual agility needed to navigate an increasingly interconnected and complex global landscape.

The Center serves as a locus for humanities research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and meaningful conversations among scholars, artists, students and the public through the support of lectures, symposia, panels, performances, and exhibitions, as well as individual and collaborative research of students and faculty.

The Center is actively building an endowment to ensure that it can serve the people of Maine for years to come.


Brian Jansen, Humanities Specialist, Clement and Linda McGillicuddy Humanities Center

Beth Wiemann, Director of the Clement and Linda McGillicuddy Humanities Center, Professor, School of Performing Arts Division of Music

Matthew Mullen, Philanthropy Officer, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Ty Coultis, Accounting and Administrative Manager, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences