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William Wilson was the first settler in Haynesville in 1828, the same year a military post was founded in Houlton. A road was erected through Haynesville to Houlton to allow for the easy transportation of military supplies; the road was completed in 1832.

“Haynesville was originally called Forkstown, due to its proximity to the forks of the Mattawamkeag River, the name was changed to honor Alvin Haynes.” ( McCauley – The Names of Maine p. 83)

This road through the Haynesville Woods is infamous for being haunted. The song “Tombstone Every Mile” by Dick Curless was written about the Haynesville Woods. The song talks about the many truckers that died on this stretch of road, so many that there could be a “Tombstone Every Mile.” There are numerous other stories about the “haunted” Haynesville Woods, including a story about a young woman that can sometimes be seen on the side of the road, appearing in front of cars, or running along the side of the road, clearly distraught. When asked if she needs a ride, she will explain that her husband needs help as they were in a car accident on their wedding day. She has been reported to disappear when you get near the end of the road. There have also been stories about little girls seen on the side of the road which, when you offer to give them a ride, also vanish. It is unknown who the children are, but in August of 1967, two young girls were reportedly hit by a trailer truck. 

However, aside from all the haunting stories, Haynesville was named after one of its earlier settlers Alvin Haynes, who owned a store and co-owned a hotel in the town. Haynesville was incorporated in February of 1987 and has always been a great place to see wildlife! The Mattawamkeag River is perfect for canoeing and fishing, and the Haynesville woods are full of wildlife!




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  • For lodging activities, check out the following nearby towns: Cary, Bancroft, Linneus, Reed, and Weston.

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