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Amity was named after a treaty that was meant to settle boundary disputes between Canada, under British rule at the time and New England. This treaty was known as the “1794 Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation.” However, this treaty was unsuccessful and replaced by the Webster-Ashburton Treaty, which arose at the end of the Aroostook War. Amity was one of the towns argued over to which country it truly belonged. 

In the 1800’s Amity had three schools, and in the 1900s a grange hall was added, encouraging the joining together of families to promote economic prosperity in their communities and agriculture. Today, Amity is known for its farmland and several abandoned houses.


  • Amity Veterans Memorial Across from the Amity Church located at1165 US-1, Amity, ME 04471
    • Check out this veterans memorial located right off Route 1!
  • Reed School 801 Calais Rd, Amity, ME 04471
    • This old, historic schoolhouse is on the National Register of Historic Places!
  • Monument One 45.9434°N 67.7812°W
    • This remote monument marks the Maine – New Brunswick boarder dating back to the early 1800s. It is recommended to travel during dry weather through the “Canadian side by going out the Monument Rd and using a GPS to navigate through logging roads.”



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