Purchase Recycled Products

 Why Buy Recycled Products:100% recycled content

  • A recycled product is defined as being made in whole or in part from material recovered from the waste stream.
  • Creating a strong market for recycled products is key to completing the recycling process or “closing the loop.”  By purchasing products with recycled content you prevent those materials from ending up in a landfill and do your part to ensure the continuation of recycling programs.
  • Products made from recycled materials are equal in quality and sometimes lower in price compared to other products made from virgin materials.
  • Making products with recycled materials instead of virgin materials saves natural resources like oil, minerals, and trees from being harvested and mined.
  • It typically takes less energy to make recycled products than new products.

Tips for Purchasing:

  • Support companies that broadcast their awareness of their environmental impact.
  • Shop local to support your community and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Look for the “recycled content” label, which will tell you what percent of the product is made from recycled materials.

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