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Office Equipment

When Buying:different types of office equipment

  • Purchase energy efficient office equipment to reduce energy use and save on energy costs. ENERGY STAR certified products include:
    • Computers: will use 30% to 65% less energy than a non-certified computer.
    • Monitors: are 20% more efficient on average than standard options.
    • Imaging equipment: are 40% more efficient than standard models. Multi-purpose equipment (ex. combined printer, scanner, and fax machine) are much more energy efficient than many separate machines.

Tips for Use:

  • Use a power strip as a central “turn off” point to completely shut off the power supply to office equipment.
  • Use the power management settings on your computer and monitor so they go into power save mode when not in use.
  • Use double-sided printing to reduce waste and save energy.

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Other Energy-Saving Tips

  • Skip the disposable cups. Bring in an interesting mug and you’ll always know which coffee is yours. Encourage your colleagues to as well.
  • Avoid using the elevator and take the stairs instead. This gives you some exercise while conserving energy.
  • Keep air vents clear of paper, files, and office supplies.
  • Keep documents electronically rather than printed copies. Computer files instead of paper files mean easier searches, organization, and a less cluttered workspace.

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