When Buying:electric vehicle with plug

  • Keep in mind that purchasing an all-electric or plugin-in hybrid vehicle may make you eligible for a significant tax credit, which greatly reduces the overall cost of the car.

Tips for Use:

  • Keep your car well-maintained and tires properly inflated to improve your fuel efficiency by up to 4%.
  • Clean out unnecessary cargo and avoid carrying items on your roof to lighten the burden on your vehicle and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Accelerate and decelerate smoothly. Rapid acceleration and rapid braking can increase fuel consumption by 10% to 40%.
  • Speeding decreases your car’s efficiency. Each 5 mph you drive over 50 mph reduces your fuel economy by about 7% to 14%.
  • Use cruise control on the highway to maintain speed and save gas.

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Public Transportation 

Tips for Use:black bear orono express

  • Carpool or participate in ride share programs. Cut your fuel costs in half, reduce wear on your car, and take advantage of High Occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.
  • Walk if possible or ride a bike, bus, or train. Benefits include more exercise, saving money, cutting emissions, and avoiding parking. 
  • Support investments in public transportation in your community. Investments in public transportation decrease fuel consumption, increase property values, and create jobs. 

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