Energy-Efficient Bulbs

When Buying:energy efficient light bulbs

  • Efficiency Maine works with lighting manufacturers, retailers and distributors to reduce the prices of energy-efficient lighting products statewide. You can find these products at your local retailer.

Tips for Use:

  • Use a desk lamp instead of overhead lighting, as most overhead lights use multiple bulbs. 
  • Use task lighting to focus light where it is needed rather than light an entire room.
  • In areas of the office or home that receive low light, paint rooms in light colors or use curtains to reflect as much free light as possible.
  • Use mini-florescent or LED nightlights in bathrooms and halls.
  • Turn off any unnecessary lights and use natural light whenever possible.
  • Designate a “last to leave” policy in your dorm or office if lights are often left on in an empty room.
  • Install occupancy sensors indoors and motion sensors outdoors.

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