H1b Applicant Information

Congratulations on your appointment at the University of Maine!!

In order to complete the paperwork necessary to petition for your H1b visa we need to gather some information from you.  Please be sure to follow the instructions below. When submitting your form please make sure the information is entered accurately and completely.

For information on processing times for H1b visas please visit the UMaine Department information page.

Also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Information about accompanying family members

H1b applicants outside the US who will be bringing family members to the US- your dependents will apply for H-4 visas at the same time you apply for your H1b at the US Consulate.  You do not need to submit any further paperwork to UMaine for your dependents.

H1b applicants currently in the US who have dependents requiring H-4 status please email Sarah Joughin at joughin@maine.edu for further information on the dependent application.

In addition to completing the form you will be asked to upload the following documents:

For all H1b applicants

  • Copy of your diploma or official transcripts
  • Copy of certified English translation of diploma or transcripts if applicable
  • Copy of your passport biographical page
  • Copy of your updated resume or CV

For H1b applicants currently in the US

  • Copy of your most recent non-immigrant visa stamp (except Canadians)
  • Copy of your I-94 document (can be accessed at cbp.gov/I94)
  • Copies of any documents associated with your current non-immigrant status (I-797 approval notices, I-20, DS2019)
  • Copy of  USCIS Employment Authorization Document (if applicable, F-1 students on OPT should have this)
  • If applying for an extension of your H1b status at UMaine, copies of last 3 UMaine pay stubs

For applicants who have previously been in J-1 or J-2 Exchange Visitor Status

  • Copy of J visa stamp(s)  (except Canadians)
  • Copy of 212(e) waiver (if you have received one)
  • Copies of all DS2019s in your possession

To complete your forms:

Step 1: Go to eoip.um.maine.edu

Step 2: Click “Login” under “UM OIP Client Portal”

Step 3: Click “University Employment” in the menu on the left side, then select “H1b: Applicant Information” and complete the forms in the menu provided, as applicable.