Congratulations, Class of 2021!

Watch: 2021 College of Education and Human Development Virtual Commencement

Watch: Faculty and Staff Congratulate the Class of 2021!

Outstanding Graduating Students

Mary GreshamDear 2021 Graduates:

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate you on your accomplishments this year. You are now University of Maine graduates and you have achieved this milestone during the most challenging time in recent memory!

Although our commencement this year will be virtual for the most part, we will still celebrate your accomplishments by listing each of our 2021 graduates on this page. In addition, please watch the video at the top of this page to see faculty and staff offering congratulations and well wishes to the entire graduating class. There are also profiles of outstanding graduating students, whose successes we highlight on this page as well.

For even more, check out UMaine’s Commencement page, where you’ll see messages from the University of Maine System and campus leaders, faculty members, alumni and friends of the university. There you will also find information on UMaine’s virtual commencement, complete with socially distanced stage walks for graduates that will be live-streamed and later edited into presentation available for viewing in late May.

I offer you my very best wishes for your continued success and thank you for your contributions to this College, to the University of Maine, and to the profession of education. You are Amazing!


Mary H. Gresham, Interim Dean
College of Education and Human Development

Outstanding Undergraduate Students

Outstanding Graduate Students

Class of 2021: Undergraduate Students

Elementary Education

Sierra Beal
Alexis Bellefleur
Allyson Bender
Tabitha Bishop
Zoe Brown
Morgan Buchanan
Samantha Charest
Marybeth Colby
Hannah Comfort
Jessica Cordes
Allie Dean
Paige Driscoll
Anthony Fiore
Lillian Frager
Harley Gagne
Alicia Jimenez
Lia Johnson
Bailey Kingman
Lauren Mercier
Samuel Nichols
Lauren Page
Emileigh Puccetti
Briana Quirion
Marissa Rossi
Rianna Russell
Stephen Urli
Ethan Welch

Secondary Education

Nolan Altvater
Rudy Chase
James Flynn
Abigail Hayward
Jennifer Kiernan
Brandin Knowlton
Haley Michienzi
Joseph Millroy
Marlana Mix
Meghan Murphy
Brody Oberly
Krystoff Porter
Matthew Schaefer
Miranda Snyder
Keenan Soule
Niamh Toomey
Owen Vadala
Ian West
Amanda Wilson
Hannah Winship

Child Development and Family Relations

Jessie Anderson
Wendy Bessette
Emily Carrick
Jessica Chavez
Jenna Conant
Breann Cummings
Emma Cupp
Tara Foley
Cassandra Henri
Sara Hunt
Jamie Jones
Kaylyn Jordan
Alexandra Karter
Allie Kimball
Colby Kreider
Mae Matthews
Alec McGaw
Frederick McNamara
Gabriella Miller
Carmen Ocana
Ethan O’Rourke
Jordan Pellerin
Emily Pigeon
Jena Prodehl
Rebecca Raymond
Cassandra Ridge
Genevieve Rumsey
Paige Smith
Lauren Van Dine
Hannah Whitten
Rhakim Williams

Kinesiology and Physical Education

Angela Antonio
Sadie Barbaria-Harris
Nathaniel Bouchard
Kayla Brooks
Johanna Burgason
Alexandra Carr
Bryce Colee
Laura Connolly
Andrew Fazzino
Morgan Ford
Victor Graviss
Rebecca Haded
Erin Hagerty
Bianca Hayes
Zhi Han Jiang
Hayden Kasavicha
Jacob Ketch
Kirstin Klimkofski
Tyler Knights
Michael Laverriere
Kayla Livingston
Makayla Livingston
Breanna Martin
Blanca Millán-Modia
Andre Miller
Quintin Minni
Elizabeth Neal
Amanda Nee
Joshua Palmeter
Eric Palumbo
Sabrina Panetta
Liam Parquette
Andrew Plese
Matthew Pushard
Ben Rivers
Caitlyn Rollins
Kimberly Schor
Brittany Smith
Gemma Smith
Willow Sockalexis
Brooke Sulinski
Avery Taylor
Steven Thompson
Sean Van Newkirk
Alyssa Vargo
Brier-Rose Werner
Evan Whitemyer

Athletic Training

Jessica Aube
Brianna Genthner
Brian Harris
Mitchell Jameson
Jasmin Le
Olivia Lough
Daria Tereshkina

Class of 2021: Graduate Students

Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction

Emily Britelli, M.Ed.
Michelle Grindle, M.Ed.
Mikkayla Kenney, M.Ed.
Renee Libby, M.Ed.
Mikayla Mitchell, M.Ed.
Jill Ouellette, M.Ed.
Sharon Pelletier-Ayer, M.Ed.
Brianne Smith, M.Ed.
Tracy Vassiliev, Ed.S.

Educational Leadership

Janet Adler, M.Ed.
Richelle Brown, M.Ed.
Heather Kuhl, Ed.S.
Megan Marks, M.Ed.
Diana Nutting, M.Ed.

Higher Education

Luisa Barry-Hershberger, M.Ed.
Mackenzie Bumpus, M.Ed.
Amy Coleman, M.Ed.
Sydni Cosgrove, M.Ed.
Christina Harrick, M.Ed.
Elizabeth Hogan, M.Ed.
David Kerschner, Ph.D.
Jennifer Laney, Ph.D.
Hilary-Lynn McCabe, M.Ed.

Human Development

Maylinda Boynton, M.S.
Ann Godsey, M.S.
Aiden LeClair, M.S.
Emily Neville, M.S.
Kittiya Reeves, M.S.
Ali Suffern-Hutchins, M.S.

Instructional Technology

Alyssa Duchesne, Ed.S.
Emily Fratzke, M.Ed.
Kerry Hanson, M.Ed.
Teryl Love, M.Ed.
Katherine Mishou, M.Ed.
Suzanne Nadeau, Ed.S.
Michael Rice, M.Ed.
Nicholas Scott, M.Ed.
Erik Wade, M.Ed.
Chad Ward, M.Ed.

Kinesiology and Physical Education

Finn Ducker, M.S.
Matt Gilbert, M.Ed.
Peter McDonnell, M.Ed.
Adam Minnick, M.S.


Jennifer Albert, M.Ed.
Theresa Amirault, M.Ed.
Meagan Bridges, Ed.S.
Colleen Burton, M.Ed.
Alexandra Dupre, M.Ed.
Clara Evans, M.Ed.
Lorna Harriman, M.Ed.
Lisa Hume, M.Ed.
Jennifer Johnson, M.Ed.
Nikki Larson, M.Ed.
Ivy Stanchfield, M.Ed.
Erica Tapley, M.Ed.
Raymond Tilton, M.Ed.
Sarah Timm, M.Ed.
Erin Webb, M.Ed.

Master of Arts in Teaching

Emily Boutin, MAT
Scott Cloutier, MAT
Derek McKinley, MAT

Special Education

Jill Hunter-Smith, M.Ed.
Shannon McDermott, M.Ed.
Erin McDonald, M.Ed.
Laura Rhoads, M.Ed.
Tracy Winkeler, M.Ed.