Danielle Gabrielli: Outstanding Literacy Graduate Student

Danielle Gabrielli Outstanding Literacy Graduate StudentThe Outstanding Literacy Graduate Student this year is Danielle Gabrielli.

Danielle proudly serves the University of Maine community by working as an active member of the Graduate Student Government Senate, where she serves on the Diversity and Equity Committee. Danielle also served this year as an intern to the President’s Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, engaging in many elements, even speaking at the President’s State of the Union. Danielle enjoys serving as a TA in the EHD 101 course where she has been able to implement her unique kinesthetic teaching style, and thoroughly enjoys her students.  Danielle has met many colleagues not only from her program but has also extended a hand across the campus to meet and support other students. Danielle is a proud member of the Solidarity group on campus for students of color and she believes that the University of Maine is a place where diverse students can find their voice.

As a student who is new to the Orono area with her family, she has found the area to be quite enjoyable. Danielle recently joined the Literacy Volunteers of Bangor and plans to lend a great deal of her time volunteering for their incredible organization. Danielle looks forward to graduating from the University of Maine with her doctoral degree in Literacy Education. She has plans to become an education professor, serving undergraduate students who are pre-service teachers. As someone who served for 15+ years in the role of a teacher, teaching from PreK to high school, stepping into teaching college has been part of a dream come true. When asked about her favorite thing at the University of Maine, she’s quick to respond it’s the superb faculty that she has the chance to interact with on a daily basis.