Readmitted Students

Resources for Students Seeking Readmission

We’re very happy that you are considering applying for readmission to the University of Maine. No matter what your reason for departure, we will do all that we can to help you find a pathway for your return to UMaine.

Your academic situation at the time of your departure from the University determines what your readmission deadline and process will be. That said, students seeking readmission are strongly encouraged to submit their request to the CLAS Advising and Academic Services Center as far ahead of any deadline as possible.

This page explains the process and deadlines for readmission based on your academic situation when you left the university. Find the situation that matches yours, and then follow the process described for that situation.

If you left in good academic standing and did not submit a request for withdrawal due to a medical situation or extraordinary life circumstances:

If you left because you were suspended, or if your cumulative GPA is below 2.0 when you left:

  • Follow the instructions above for students in good standing, AND ALSO
  • Write a statement of 1.5 to 3 pages to accompany your readmission form. The readmission review committee reads these statements very carefully. Your best chance of readmission is to reflect just as carefully on your situation and explain it in your own words. Instructions for writing the statement are here.
  • The deadline for students to apply for readmission after suspension is 15 calendar days before the first day of the semester. Semester start dates are posted at posted at

If you were approved for withdrawal due to a medical situation:

  • Contact Advising and Academic Services Assistant Director Sam Kunz at You will need to meet with him (in person or remotely) to initiate the readmission process. At your meeting, he will explain the process.
  • The deadline for submission of all required documents is 30 calendar days before the first day of the semester. Semester start dates are posted at Because documentation from your medical provider may be required, please allow plenty of time to gather materials before the deadline.
  • More information about withdrawals is posted at

If you were approved for withdrawal due to exceptional life circumstances:

If you left because you were mobilized or called to active duty:

If you applied to UMaine but did not enroll within two years of your admission:

Note: If you were enrolled in classes during your first semester, but subsequently dropped them within the first two weeks of the semester (even if you did not set foot on campus), you will need to follow the instructions for returning on good academic standing. You do NOT need to reactive your application with Admissions.


  • Contact information for the Advising and Academic Services Center is at the bottom of the page. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

UMaine has two policies, Academic Forgiveness and Fresh Start, intended to help students who have low grades from an earlier attempt at college.

Academic forgiveness refers to the exclusion of an entire fall or spring semester from the calculation of a student’s grade point average and earned credits. All grades remain on the transcript. When academic forgiveness occurs, the associate dean or designee may waive the re-taking of selected courses for which the student has earned sufficient grades. Though the degree credit has been removed, these courses may be used to meet degree requirements and to meet pre-requisite requirements. Students must achieve program minimum requirements to graduate.

Fresh Start allows students requesting readmission after an absence of five or more years to be treated as external transfers in the determination of credits and grade point average. Credit is allowed for all University of Maine courses passed at the level of C- or higher. All grades remain on the academic transcript, but are removed from calculation of the accumulative grade point average. To be eligible for Fresh Start, students must have a minimum of 30 credits remaining toward degree completion and must complete those 30 credits in residence at the University of Maine.

Academic Forgiveness and Fresh Start may effect eligibility for financial aid due to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy – more details on that policy here.) You can find more details about these policies – as well as others regarding academic standing – by going to the Course Catalog page here and clicking Academic Standing on the side menu.

A few more links to resources that could prove useful for students returning to the university:

  • If you took courses at another institution after you left UMaine, information on our transfer student page may be useful to you.
  • You may want to live on campus when you return. Contact Student Housing to find out more. You can apply for housing here.
  • Be sure your FAFSA is appropriately completed; contact the Student Financial Aid Office with any questions. You can also find out about many available scholarships here.
  • Native American Student Waiver – Contact the Wabanaki Center for more information.
  • VA Benefits – Contact the VETS Office for more information.

And of course, if you have any other questions regarding your return to UMaine, the Advising & Academic Services Center is available to answer them.

Again, we’re thrilled that you’re exploring the possibility of readmission to the University of Maine. We’re here to assist you in that process in whatever manner we can.