Students Called to Active Duty

For all UMaine students in the National Guard or Reserve who are recalled to active duty before completing a regular semester, the University of Maine offers the following options.

Each requires proof (copy of military recall orders provided to the Associate Dean of the College) that the UMaine student has been recalled to active duty:

  1. Complete withdrawal from all courses with no penalty grades and with full refund of all tuition and fees. (Caution: This option could affect VA Benefits.)
  2. At the discretion of the instructor and with the agreement of the student, full course credit at the grade earned to date after completion of 3/4 or more of the semester. (Caution: This option could affect VA Benefits.)
  3. A grade of Incomplete in a course, with one full year from the end of the semester to make up the missed work.

Students wishing to appeal the action of an instructor regarding options 2 or 3 may do so through Appealing Grades and Assignments, Part II, “Problems of Classroom Procedure,” outlined in the Student Handbook.

Students recalled to active duty shall be eligible to resume studies following deactivation and shall not be disadvantaged as a result of their break in enrollment. To return to school, they need to inform the Associate Dean of their College.