Students Called to Active Duty

Student Military Mobilization and Activation Policy

Effective: 1 November 2019


The University of Maine System recognizes that many students serve our country in the U.S. Armed Forces, including the National Guard and Reserves. Students serving in the military are subject to unforeseen mobilization or activation in response to local, regional, national, or international emergency situations. The unexpected mobilization and activation may seriously disrupt these students’ academic careers. As these students are legally obligated to report to duty when so ordered, it is the policy of the University of Maine System to minimize the effects of this disruption of their education as much as possible. The following policies are written in accordance with 20 U.S.C. §1091c(c)(2), 34 CFR §668.18, and 37-B M.R.S.A. §388.


In order to qualify under the provisions of this policy, a student must present official Military Orders indicating their mobilization or activation to the institution’s School Certifying Official (SCO), Dean of Students, Registrar, or other appropriate university official within 30 days of receipt of orders. If, due to time constraints between the time of notification and the time of actual mobilization or activation, the student cannot present their orders as required, the parents, guardians, spouse, or other authorized representative of the student may do so. No notice is required if the giving of such notice by the Service member or their family is precluded by military necessity.


  • Activation – Order to Service in the Uniformed Services on active duty, active duty for training, or full-time National Guard duty in response to federal or state orders, and as defined below.
  • Armed Forces – A term used to denote collectively all components of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.
  • Service member – a student who is a member of, applies to be a member of, performs, has performed, applies to perform, or has an obligation to perform service in the Uniformed Services.
  • Service in the Uniformed Services – service, whether voluntary or involuntary, in the Armed Forces, including service by a member of the National Guard or Reserve, on active duty, active duty for training, or full-time National Guard duty under State order or Federal authority.
  • Military Order – 1. An instruction, including an individual command by an armed forces officer to a person under their command. 2. A published directive originated by a commander of a military organization.
  • Mobilization – 1. The process of assembling and organizing national resources to support national objectives in time of war or other emergencies. 2. The process by which the Uniformed Services , or part of them, are brought to a state of readiness for war or other state or national emergency.


  • All Service members will be provided an excused absence and not penalized when legally obligated to report for duty. Service members are responsible for missed coursework and faculty will offer accommodations when necessary, ie. testing and presentations.
  • Mobilization or activation during a regular semester or during summer sessions may result in the complete voluntary withdrawal of the Service member from the university and without penalty or a punitive grade. Course fees that have been paid will be refunded 100 percent exclusive of student insurance fees and other non-refundable fees. Room and board payments will be refunded on a prorated basis.
  • In the event of mobilization or activation during the semester and/or after the term drop period, Service members are provided the following academic options:
  1. Withdraw for Military Activation — A student may choose to withdraw from one or more courses in which they are officially enrolled. In this case, course fees that have been paid will be refunded 100 percent exclusive of student insurance fees and other non-refundable fees. NOTE: Please consult with your School Certifying Official (SCO) as this option may impact VA benefits; or,

Students may pursue one of the following in consultation with their instructors:

  1. Incomplete (I) — A student may request to take an incomplete grade in some or all ofthese courses. Students shall be allowed to complete specific work that remains unfinished as a result of activation or mobilization. See section 34 CFR §668.18(e) for the time allowed for a cumulative length of absence; or,
  2. Final Grade — A student may request to receive a final grade in some or all of their courses based upon the student’s work in the courses up to the date of mobilization/activation; or,
  3. Final Exam — A student may request to take an early final examination in some courses in order that the instructor can determine a final course grade for the student;or,
  4. Combination — A combination of options that best serves the students’ needs based on Military Orders, following the policies set forth above, may be selected. This option will result in a refund of that portion of tuition and fees paid for those courses that the student chooses to withdraw from (other non-course fees are not refunded).1

● Room and board payments will be refunded on a prorated basis, if applicable.


Students who receive an incomplete grade in all or some of their courses shall have the time allowed under 34 CFR §668.18(e) which generally does not exceed five (5) years of service, although there are several exceptions offered.


Under 34 CFR §668.18, an institution must readmit a member of the uniformed services with the “same academic status” upon notice of their intent to reenroll, unless the student requests a later date of readmission or unusual circumstances require the institution to admit at a later date.

Student Military Mobilization and Activation Policy (PDF)