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Majors and Minors

Class Minors offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are listed at the bottom.

Degrees Offered

B.A., Anthropology
B.A., International Affairs/Anthropology
M.S., Quaternary and Climate Studies
Ph.D., Anthropology and Environmental Policy

B.A., Art Education
B.A., Art History
B.A., Studio Art
B.F.A., Studio Art
M.F.A., Intermedia

Canadian Studies
Minor in Canadian Studies

B.A., Chemistry
B.S., Chemistry
M.S., Chemistry
Ph.D., Chemistry
M.S.T., Master of Science in Teaching

Communication and Journalism
B.A., Communication
B.A., Journalism
B.A., Mass Communication
M.A., Communication
Ph.D., Communication

Computing and Information Science
(Computer Science / Spatial Information Science)
B.A., Computer Science
B.S., Computer Science
M.S., Computer Science
Ph.D., Computer Science
M.S., Spatial Information Science and Engineering
M.S., Information Systems
Ph.D., Spatial Information Science and Engineering
Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems
Graduate Certificate in Information Systems

Minor in Dance

B.A., English
M.A., English

Franco-American Studies
Minor in Franco-American Studies

B.A., History
B.A., International Affairs/ History
M.A., History
Ph.D., History

Interdisciplinary Studies
B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies

International Affairs
B.A., International Affairs, with concentrations in Anthropology, Canadian Studies, History, Modern Languages (French, German, or Spanish), Political Science, and Women’s Studies

Liberal Studies
M.A., Liberal Studies (PDF)

Mathematics & Statistics
B.A., Mathematics
M.A., Mathematics
M.S.T., Master of Science in Teaching

Modern Languages & Classics
B.A., French
B.A., German (suspended)
B.A., Latin (suspended)
B.A., Modern Languages
B.A., Romance Languages (French & Spanish)
B.A., Spanish
B.A., International Affairs/ Foreign Languages
M.A., French
M.A.T., French
M.A.T., Spanish

B.A.,   Music
B.M.,  Music Education
B.M.,  Music Performance
M.M., Music Education (optional concentration in conducting)
M.M., Music Performance

Native American Studies
Minor in Native American Studies

New Media
B.A., New Media
M.F.A., Intermedia

B.A., Philosophy

Physics and Astronomy
B.A., Physics
B.S., Physics
B.S., Engineering Physics
M.S., Physics
M.E., Engineering Physics
Ph.D., Physics
M.S.T., Master of Science in Teaching

Political Science
B.A., Political Science
B.A., International Affairs/Political Science

B.A., Psychology
M.A., Developmental Psychology
M.A., Psychological Sciences
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Ph.D., Developmental Psychology
Ph.D., Psychological Sciences

B.A., Sociology

B.A., Theatre

Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program
B.A., International Affairs/Women’s Studies
B.A., Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Additional Minors offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences