Interdisciplinary Judaic Studies Minor

Judaic Studies provides a broad liberal arts background that cultivates an appreciation of the central role played by Jewish culture in the development of human civilization.  Without the full depth of a major, this interdisciplinary program provides students some substantive understanding of the historical, religious, literary, philosophical, sociological and political experiences of the Jews; and it offers a diverse disciplinary framing of questions central to the Jewish experience with different perspectives and methodologies.


Mark Brewer
Professor of Political Science



Amy Fried
Professor/Chair of Political Science


Required Courses

JST 200 – Introduction to Judaism

JST 203 – Jewish History and Culture I: The Middle Ages to 1750

JST 204 – Jewish History and Culture II: The Jews and Europe, 1750-1948

Elective Courses

Other courses may be taken as electives with the consent of the Coordinator of Judaic Studies

ANT 249 – Religion and Violence

ANT 256 – Ethnic Conflict

ANT 454 – Cultures and Societies of the Middle East

ANT 470 – Religion and Politics

CLA 202 – Mythology of the Ancient Near East, North African and Greece

HBR 101 – Beginning Modern Hebrew (may be taken as an elective in the non-language track)

HBR 102 – Beginning Modern Hebrew II (may be taken as an elective in the non-language track)

HTY 411 – The Holocaust

HTY 446 – History of Modern Middle East, 1800-Present

JST 383 – Topics in Judaic Studies

MUH 650 – Topics in Music History: Entartete Musik: Degenerate Music

PAX 201 – Introduction to Peace and Reconciliation Studies

PAX 398 – Topics in Peace and Reconciliation Studies; Topic: Genocide

PAX 491 – Forgiveness: Creating a Culture of Peace and Reconciliation

PHI 105 – Introduction to Religious Studies

PHI 223 – Modern Jewish Thought

POS 370 – International Terrorism: The Challenges for America

POS 375 – United States and the Middle East

POS 386 – Religion and Politics in the United States

POS 469 – Politics of the Middle East

SOC 208 – Problems of Violence and Terrorism

SOC 482 – The Sociology of Religion

Residency Requirement

Minimum of 9 credit hours must be completed at the University of Maine


Two Tracks are available: Judaic Studies or Judaic Studies Language track

Judaic Studies Track

Core plus 3 elective courses

Judaic Studies Language Track

3 courses from Core

HBR 101 – Beginning Modern Hebrew I

HBR 102 – Beginning Modern Hebrew II

1 elective course