Interdisciplinary Judaic Studies Minor

Judaic Studies provides a broad liberal arts background that cultivates an appreciation of the central role played by Jewish culture in the development of human civilization.  This interdisciplinary program provides students some substantive understanding of the historical, religious, literary, philosophical, sociological and political experiences of the Jews; and it offers a diverse disciplinary framing of questions central to the Jewish experience with different perspectives and methodologies.

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portrait of derek michaudDerek A. Michaud
Lecturer of Philosophy


Minimum number of credits required to earn minor:  18

GPA requirements to earn minor: Students graduating with a minor in a CLAS field must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better in the courses in the minor field that are credited toward completion of the minor.

Minimum Grade requirements for courses to count toward minor:  Grade of “C” or higher required in all courses.

Two tracks are available.  Judaic Studies and Judaic Studies, Language track.

Required Courses for Judaic Studies Track:

Elective Courses

Courses marked by an asterisk (*) may be taken as electives when in the judgment of the Coordinator of Judaic Studies the topic is clearly relevant. Additional courses not listed here may be taken as electives with the consent of the Coordinator.

Residency Requirement

Minimum of 9 credit hours must be completed at the University of Maine