Graphic Design Minor

Program Description

In an era when digital technologies have brought professional design to the world at large, the Department of Art offers a minor in which students bring together aesthetics, design history, cultural studies, and internship possibilities in the professional world of Graphic Design. Students from all majors, particularly in Art, Communications, Business, New Media, Innovation Engineering, and other fields that use graphic data presentations, model building, and visual imagining will all find the minor as a vital complement to their field. Good design plays a core role in shaping our ability to communicate effectively. Demand for Graphic Design skills continue to grow, as students find graphic information and visual thinking increasingly important in an expanding variety of fields. For innovative interdisciplinary studies, building on emerging social connectivity, evolving publication platforms, and new, inventive business models, the Graphic Design Minor offers the opportunity for students to develop expertise in new expanding fields emerging from visual communication and creative imaging.

On campus, several organizations, including the Maine Journal, ASAP, the Maine Campus, and the Student Innovations Entrepreneurial Center, among others, offer rich opportunities for students in the Graphic Design Minor to develop their work in professional venues, expand their audiences, and transition to employment in the field. The minor also helps students find local internship possibilities, in business, communications, arts organizations, social services, and other flourishing fields.