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The Visual Art Building Campaign

The goal of this campaign is to raise 1.5 million dollars, to complete The Stewart Hall renovation project, providing much-needed facilities for the Department of Art.

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With the complete renovation of historic Lord Hall, that opened in Fall 2006, the Department of Art now has a new academic center. Lord Hall houses studio and classrooms for Art Education and Art History, a Lecture Hall, Department Offices, Department Galleries, a Visual Resources Library, a Seminar Room, a Reading Room, Faculty Offices for half of the faculty, and Studios for Design, and for Digital Art.

The Department of Art is now renovating Stewart Hall For Studio Art, with purpose built state-of-the-art studios for Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Digital Art, Photography, and 3-D Design. The Painting Studios, named in honor of the Wyeth family of artists, Jamie Wyeth, his father Andrew Wyeth, and his grandfather N.C. Wyeth, was funded in part by a generous gift from MBNA. The Stewart Visual Arts Building project, in concert with the NMRIDC (New Media Research, Innovation, Development and Commercialization Center) addition to Stewart Hall will be a landmark and focal point for the visual arts in northern New England.

“Maine has been a destination for artists since the early 19th century.  My grandfather, N.C. Wyeth, came to Maine in 1920 and as a family we have been here ever since. When you look at the history of American art, it is hard to find an artist who has not worked in Maine.   Art is a significant part of the legacy of Maine. The University of Maine’s new art facility is a major affirmation of the state’s commitment to the arts.  Just as it has, for so many years, been a destination for artists, it will now become a prime destination for art students. What could be better?”
– Jamie Wyeth  June 2010  Tenants Harbor, ME

“Our goal is to provide the best, most comprehensive public art program in Northern New England. We have no doubt we can do this once our facilities meet the caliber of our programs, faculty, and students.”
– James Linehan, Professor, Department of Art