Contact a Department

Looking to get in touch with a specific department or program? Email and telephone contact information for each of the departments and schools within the UMaine College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are listed below. Not sure who to contact? Send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help.


(including Human Dimensions of Climate Change)

Samuel Hanes, Chair (

Telephone: 207.581.1894


Justin Wolff, Interim Chair (

Department Email:

Telephone: 207.581.3245


Alice Bruce, Chair (

Diane Muir, Administrative Specialist (

Telephone: 207.581.1169

Communication and Journalism

(including Media Studies)

Judith Rosenbaum, Chair (

Telephone: 207.581.1935

School of Computing and Information Science

(including New Media)

Penny Rheingans, Director (

Karen Kidder, Administrative Support Supervisor (

Telephone: 207.581.2188


Steven Evans, Chair (

Telephone: 207.581.3822


Stephen Miller, Chair (

Department Email:

Telephone: 207.581.1907

Mathematics and Statistics

Nigel Pitt, Chair (

Telephone: 207.581.3900

Modern Languages and Classics

Carlos Villacorta, Interim Chair (

Telephone: 207.581.2072


Kirsten Jacobson, Chair (

Telephone: 207.581.3866

Physics and Astronomy

John Thompson, Chair (

Department Email:

Telephone: 207.581.1039

Political Science

Mark Brewer, Interim Chair (

Department Email:

Telephone: 207.581.1871


Thane Fremouw, Chair (

Department Email:

Telephone: 207.581.2030

School of Performing Arts, Division of Music

Laura Artesani, Chair (

Telephone: 207.581.4703

School of Performing Arts, Division of Theatre and Dance

Dan Bilodeau, Chair (

Telephone: 207.581.4703


Richard Powell, Interim Chair (

Department Email:

Telephone: 207.581.2380

International Affairs

James Settele, Director (

Telephone: 207.581.3153

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Elizabeth Nieman, Director (

Department Email:

Telephone: 207.581.3439