Classical Studies Minor

Minimum number of credits required to earn minor: 18

GPA requirements to earn minor: None

Minimum Grade requirements for courses to count toward minor: None.

Contact Information: Carlos Villacorta, Chair of MLC, 201 Little Hall, (207) 581-2075,

The classical period in Western history, defined as the period from the Bronze Age to the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century CE, comprises the “roots” of modern society. In order to understand where we are and where we are going, it is necessary to know where we have been. European and American literature, philosophy, law, religion, politics, language, and art have all been either directly or indirectly formed in reaction to Classical culture. By examination and study of classical civilization, the student will develop a sense of how the ancients responded to the universal questions of human experience. Through an implicit comparison of the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome to our own, the student will also come to have a fuller understanding of the humanist and cultural impulses which have formed and which continue to form our own experience. This curriculum is particularly useful to the student with interests in ancient history, philosophy, art history, anthropology, literature and political science. It will also prove useful to the student preparing for a career in law.

A minimum of 18 credits or 6 courses is required.

The student who takes the general Classical Studies curriculum may wish to concentrate in offerings in Ancient History, Art History, Classical Philosophy, or Political Science. The student may elect to take all courses in the Classics curriculum (below) or the minimum four courses in the Classics curriculum and the remainder from the courses listed.

For more information about Classical Studies, please contact the Department of Modern Languages and Classics in 201 Little Hall, (207)581-2072.

Art History

  • ARH 155 – Art and Visual Culture in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds Credits: 3
  • ARH 251 – Classical Art and Architecture Credits: 3


  • CLA 101 – Greek Literature in English Translation Credits: 3
  • CLA 102 – Latin Literature in English Translation Credits: 3
  • CLA 201 – Women in the Ancient World Credits: 3
  • CLA 202 – Mythology of the Ancient Near East, North African and Greece Credits: 3
  • CLA 400 – Hero: Myth and Meaning Credits: 3
  • CLA 401 – Amazons: Myth and Reality Credits: 3


  • HTY 105 – History of Ancient and Medieval Europe Credits: 3
  • HTY 401 – History of Greece Credits: 3
  • HTY 402 – Roman History Credits: 3
  • HTY 433 – Greek and Roman Mythology Credits: 3

Modern Language

  • MLC 231 – Western Tradition in Literature: Homer Through the Renaissance Credits: 3
  • MLC 293 – Study Abroad Credits: 1-6


  • PHI 210 – History of Ancient Philosophy Credits: 3

Political Science

  • POS 301 – Classical Political Thought Credits: 3