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Academics - Minor in Franco American Studies

Franco American Studies (18 credits)

In New England, and particularly in Maine, citizens of French Canadian and Acadian descent comprise approximately 35 percent of the population. The long-neglected story of this ethnic community represents a crucial element in the history and the current social dynamic of Maine and the Northeast, and constitutes a cultural bridge to French Canada, particularly the neighboring provinces of Quebec and the Maritimes.

Franco American Studies is an interdisciplinary program that explores the French cultures of the United States and Canada, emphasizing the people of Franco American heritage in Maine and the Northeast region. It studies Franco American culture within the broader context of American ethnic communities and other French-speaking people worldwide. The curriculum is designed to teach the Franco American past and present: topics of study include problems of identity, the politics of language, literature, historical struggles, women’s issues and experience, economic structures, and the role of family.

The program offers a minor in Franco American Studies as well as courses at all levels. Students who wish to minor in Franco American Studies complete eighteen credits, including FAS 101, and at least 3 other core courses, a selection of “Related Courses” from the list below and a capstone experience. For more information, contact the Franco American Studies Office, 213 Little Hall, at (207) 581-3791.

Core Courses

  • FAS 101 – Introduction to Franco American Studies Credits: 3
  • FAS 120 – People, Places and Pasts Credits: 3
  • FAS 220 – Franco American Literature in English Credits: 3
  • FAS 230 – Franco American Women’s Experience Credits: 3
  • FAS 240 – French Exploration and Settlement of Maine, 1604-1760 Credits: 3
  • FAS 250 – The Acadian Experience: From Exile to Cultural Revival
  • FAS 329 – Topics in Franco American Studies Credits: 3
  • FAS 440 – Franco American Civilization Credits: 3
  • FAS 442 – French Language of North America Credits: 3
  • FAS 459 – Colonial Canada Credits: 3

Related Courses

  • ANT 221 – Introduction to Folklore Credits: 3
  • ANT 422 – Folklore of Maine and The Maritime Provinces Credits: 3
  • ANT 425 – Recorded Interviewing Techniques and Methods Credits: 3
  • ENG 237 – Coming of Age in America Credits: 3
  • ENG 450 – Cultural Borderlands in Contemporary American Literature Credits: 3
  • FRE 201 – Intermediate French I Credits: 3 – 4
  • FRE 202 – Intermediate French II Credits: 3 – 4
  • FRE 397 – French (May Term) Credits: 3
  • FRE 463 – Quebec Poetry Credits: 3
  • FRE 464 – Quebec Theatre Credits: 3
  • FRE 465 – North American French Novel Credits: 3
  • HTY 467 – Early 20th Century America, 1914-1945 Credits: 3
  • HTY 477 – The American Worker Credits: 3
  • SOC 201 – Social Inequality Credits: 3
  • SOC 338 – Race and Ethnicity Credits: 3

If you wish to declare a minor in Franco American Studies, you will need to fill in a declaration/change of minor form. We have a digital copy of this form in PDF format. All fields that do not need to be signed are able to be filled in on your computer.  Once the form is filled out, please print out the form, sign the applicable fields of the form, and send it to the Franco American Studies department. The mailing address for the Franco American Studies department can be found under the contact us section of the website. Please note: you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view this form. The software can be downloaded from their website at


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