Concentration in Aquaculture

The Aquaculture concentration provides training equivalent to a B.S. in Biology, but with a focus on finfish (food fishes and model research species such as zebrafish as well as ornamentals) and shellfish aquaculture, system design and nutrition.  Students majoring in aquaculture learn to apply biological, physical and business management principles to solve problems encountered with the production, processing, marketing, and management of aquatic plants and animals.  They literally get wet in the on-campus Aquaculture Research Center (ARC) that incubates new commercial programs, currently including a very innovative program that breeds tropical reef fishes, thereby beginning to stem their exploitation.  Until global warming goes quite a bit further, tropical fishes won’t get away in Maine.  Students from CT, MA, and VT who specialize in Aquaculture at UMaine may be eligible for reduced tuition through the New England Regional Student Program.

Students who wish to declare a concentration in aquaculture must meet the requirements of the Marine Science major (above) in addition to the following courses:

  1. SMS 211, SMS 401, SMS 422, SMS 425, SMS 449, SMS 467.
  2. Choose one pair: SMS 309 and SMS 409, or SMS 420 and SMS 421.

Click here for printable list of the Bachelor of Science in Marine Sciences curriculum with a Concentration in Marine Biology, Marine Physical Sciences or Aquaculture.


Required Courses in Suggested Sequence for the B.S. in Marine Science: Aquaculture Concentration

Third Year – First Semester

Third Year – Second Semester