Concentration in Physical Marine Science (Oceanography)

101_2506The Physical Marine Science concentration provides training in the physical sciences as they relate to processes in the ocean, and it allows students to specialize in a subdiscipline such as marine geology, chemical oceanography or physical oceanography.

Students who wish to declare a concentration in Marine Physical Sciences must meet the requirements for the Marine Science major (above) in addition to the following:

  1. Mathematics: MAT 127
  2. Physics: PHY 121, 122
  3. An additional 15 credits that should be chosen from the list of SMS Physical Marine Science electives.
  4. Complete an additional 6 credits either from the SMS Physical Marine Science electives list or selected from the following list of courses: CHY 242, CHY 251, CHY 252, CHY 371, CHY 372/374, CHY 461, ERS 314, ERS 315, ERS 534, MAT 228, MAT 258, MAT 332, MAT 351, MAT 434, MAT 437, PHY 238, PHY 452, SIE 433

Click here for printable list of the Bachelor of Science in Marine Sciences curriculum with a Concentration in Marine Biology, Marine Physical Sciences or Aquaculture.


Required Courses in Suggested Sequence for the B.S. in Marine Science: Physical Marine Science (Oceanography) Concentration

Second Year – First Semester

Third Year – Second Semester

Fourth Year – First Semester

Semester by the sea (optional) may be taken first semester or either the junior or senior year (12-15 credits). Courses include:

Fourth Year – Second Semester