B. S. Degree in Marine Science

The Marine Biology concentration provides training equivalent to a B.S. in Biology, but with a major focus on marine organisms — in the context of an overall appreciation and understanding of the chemical, geological, and physical environment of the ocean.

Students who wish to declare a concentration in marine biology must meet the requirements of the Marine Science major in addition to the following:

  1. The 15 credits of SMS electives should be chosen from the list of SMS Marine Science electives.  It is strongly recommended that students take at least 3 credits of marine ecology and include courses that cover primary producers, vertebrate and invertebrate organisms.

Click here for printable list of the Bachelor of Science in Marine Sciences curriculum with a Concentration in Marine Biology, Marine Physical Sciences or Aquaculture.

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Required Courses in Suggested Sequence for the B.S. in Marine Science: Marine Biology Concentration

First Year – First Semester

First Year – Second Semester

Third Year – First Semester

Third Year – Second Semester

Fourth Year – First Semester

Semester by the sea (optional) may be taken first semester or either the junior or senior year (12-15 credits). Courses include


Fourth Year – Second Semester