Sustainability Efforts in Auxiliary Services

Printing and Mailing Services

Printing and Mailing Services Sustainability Page

  • The Printing and Mailing Services have a chemical-free plate making system, soy-based inks, recycled ink cartridges, pH neutral paper with 20-100% recycled or post-consumer fiber, and chlorine-free paper options.

University Bookstore

  • Textbook Buyback
  • At the end of the semester, sell your textbooks back to the University of Maine to save on paper and get money back!

Parking Services

Public Transportation In Orono/Old Town/Bangor

  • Black Bear Orono Express is free to ride and operates Monday through Friday.

Carpool Program

  • Carpool with other students or employees to receive a free parking pass as long as there is an established carpool.

Electric Vehicle Pilot Program

  • Electric Vehicle Charging stations are placed around campus and spots can be purchased so you pay one flat fee for using one of the twenty EV charging stations. 

UMaine Dining

University Volunteer Ambulance Corps

University of Maine’s Volunteer Ambulance Corps is a one-of-a-kind program to promote students in their health care training. They have been working on digitizing all of their files to cut down on paper, they reuse expired products in training classes, and they only replace things when needed to cut down on waste. UVAC also reuses masks and uniforms and UVAC has been known to leave sites cleaner than they found them after helping the community. Though there are challenges in healthcare, UVAC has found ways to remain sustainable!

Take a look at the wonderful work that UVAC is doing on their website!

University Promotions

This department works with the bookstore and has a lot of sustainable paths that they are continuously working on. The department has been ordering sustainable clothing for the bookstore, offering canvas bags and reusable straws, the bags that the bookstore use are easily broken down in landfills. University Promotions are continuing to look for reusable products for the bookstore and more ways to stay sustainable during sponsored events.

The Green Themed Community

Green Living is designed for students who believe that it is important to live a low-impact life. Residence Life and Green Campus Initiative staff members will work together to promote sustainable living practices and provide opportunities to learn about various aspects of sustainability, which will include Zero Sort Recycling education, campus compost facility and greenhouse tours, lectures about topics in sustainability and environmental sciences, volunteering in UMaine and nearby community sustainability initiatives, gardening, developing sustainable programs for the university, and more. Additionally, Green Living aims to create a strong sense of community in which its residents feel comfortable and connected to their peers. To learn more please visit

Cutler Health Center

Cutler Health Center

As a medical center, sustainability isn’t always easy. However, the Culter Health Center is considered a sustainable office space. Most of their waste comes from medical waste and PPE, especially since the pandemic. The Cutler Health Center tries to only use PPE when needed and limits the amount of PPE being used per patient. 

Sustainability at UMaine

Sustainability Talks

  • Every Monday at 3 PM, hear from experts in their field talk about the different aspects of Sustainability. These talks are offered by the Mitchell Center for Sustainability. 

Maine Bound Adventure Center

  • Rent gear, climb the climbing wall or learn how to adventure in a safe manner. The Maine Bound Adventure Center also has lots of events happening year round. 

DeMerritt Forest Trail System

  • Enjoy a calming hike right on the campus of University with one of our 15+ miles of trails!

MaineCard Services

The MaineCard Office provides new MaineCards to students often, which can often result in a lot of waste. The MaineCard Office strives to recycle and has improved its recycling program in the past few years. Recently, the rolls of ribbon and laminate have switched over to a greener and more environmentally friendly version, which encourages more environmentally friendly habits.

Tech Services

Tech Services has a big job when it comes to recycling computer waste and they make an effort to use the on-campus eWaste facility. Recycling eWaste is an important part of the technical world and makes sure that what goes into landfills isn’t hazardous material.