Electric Vehicle Pilot Program

The University of Maine Faculty/Staff and Resident Students Electric Vehicle Pilot Program

  • The UMaine EV parking permit is currently only available to UMaine individuals who already qualify for a blue permit.
  • The UMaine Blue Qualified EV parking permit will cost $200.00 per calendar year after approval and a designated space is assigned.
    • The current 28 Blue Qualified EV spaces are located in:
      • Aubert Hall parking lot – 2 spaces
      • ASCC parking lot – 3 spaces
      • Gannett/Cutler parking lot (east side) – 6 spaces
      • Gannett/Cutler parking lot (west side) – 4 spaces
      • Jenness South parking lot – 7 spaces
      • Libby parking lot – 4 spaces
      • Smith parking lot – 2 spaces
  • Residents Red parking permit holders should contact Auxiliary services (Sally Clark 207.581.4506) for access to a charger and rules.
    • Current Red Qualified EV spaces are located in:
      • Estabrook Hall parking lot – one space.
      • Somerset Hall parking lot – one space.
        • Users are allowed a maximum usage time of 3 or 4 hours.
        • Users are allowed 30 minutes to move their vehicle once charging has ended (as indicated by LEDs on the charger).
        • Users will be issued a citation if these requirements are not met.
  • All others EVs can use the Pay-As-You-Charge Level-2 Charger located at either the entrance to the Advanced Structures and Composite Center or in the AMC/Stevens parking lot.
    • See the Public EV Charging on Campus link below.
  • There are two types of electric vehicle that qualify for the UMaine Faculty/Staff EV parking permit: Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV). Both can be charged from an electrical outlet.
    • A battery electric vehicle (BEV) runs entirely on a battery and electric drive train, without a conventional internal combustion engine. These vehicles must be plugged into an external source of electricity to recharge their batteries.
    • A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) runs primarily on a battery that is recharged by plugging into an external source of electricity. PHEVs are also equipped with an internal combustion engine that can recharge the battery and/or replace the electric drive train when the battery is low and more power is required.
  • Non-Electric Vehicles may not park in Electric Vehicle Designated Areas.
  • Upon receipt of an UMaine EV parking permit, the permit holder will be provided a reserved space in an Electric Vehicle Designated Area.
  • An EV permit-holder’s reserved space will remain until the next annual registration period.
  • Parking in another EV permit holder’s reserved space will result in a ticket and towing of the offending vehicle.
  • UMaine EV parking permits will also allow the holder to park in any regular Staff (Blue) or Commuter (Black) parking lot on campus.
  • The EV permit may be used in any vehicle registered to that particular permit holder and must be displayed in the vehicle while parked on campus.
  • Between November 1 and May the Winter Parking Ban is in effect. All EV parking spaces are closed to parking between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 6:00 AM. The Bridge Tennis Court lot (commuter section only) and College Ave South lots are available for temporary parking during these hours.



EV Charging on Campus – Office of Sustainability

Public EV Charging on Campus


For more information contact Daniel Dixon at 207.581.1571 or daniel.dixon@maine.edu