NASPA awards honor Allan, Caron-produced video

A short video written and produced by professor of family relations and human sexuality Sandra Caron received the Outstanding Peer Education Program Award at the 2021 NASPA General Assembly. NASPA, or the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, is the professional association for Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education. The video, “A Recipe for Disaster: Talking About Cooking the Way We Talk About Sex,” stars members of the peer education group Athletes for Sexual Responsibility, which Caron developed in 1990 and still advises today. NASPA’s Outstanding Peer Education Award recognizes programs that show creativity and overall effectiveness in campus awareness and education on health and safety topics, including alcohol and sexual health programs, as well as programs to address tobacco, mental health, nutrition and physical activity. The video was featured during a pre-awards slideshow and at the closing banquet of the NASPA General Assembly, held Nov. 11–13 in Pittsburgh. It also has been selected as a semi-finalist for the Rotterdam Independent Film Festival.

In addition, professor of higher education Elizabeth Allan has been awarded the NASPA Region 1 Outstanding Contribution to the Literature and/or Research Award for 2021. The award honors an individual who has demonstrated a lifetime commitment to research and scholarship related to higher education, whose work addresses important and substantial issues, and has had a significant or transformative effect on higher education and student affairs practice in a national or international context. Allan will now be under consideration for the George D. Kuh Award for Outstanding Contribution to Literature and/or Research at the national level. The NASPA Region 1 conference was held Nov. 15–17 in Hartford, Connecticut.