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Faculty & Staff

The Department has a legacy of outstanding teaching, advising, research, and service that continues today.  We offer courses in all major subfields of Political Science – American Politics, International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Political Theory.

Mark Brewer
American Politics, Political Parties, Elections, Interest Groups, Religion & Politics
(207) 581-1863
Howard Cody
Professor & Director, International Affairs Program
Comparative Politics, Canada, Western Europe
(207) 581-1869
Timothy Cole
Associate Professor & Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
International Relations, American Foreign Policy, Civil Liberties
(207) 581-1882
1389919793 Patrick Downey
Adjunct Assistant Professor
American Politics, Public Law, International Law
(207) 581-1871
Amy Fried
American Politics, Public Opinion, Participation, Women & Politics
(207) 581-1797
GlovFin Robert Glover
CLAS-Honors Preceptor and Assistant Professor of Political Science
Political Theory, Public Policy, Community Engagement, International Relations 
(207) 581-1880
Solomon Goldman
Adjunct Professor
Law & Politics
(207) 581-1871
Deborah Grant
Administrative Assistant
(207) 581-1871
Paul Holman
Adjunct Professor of Political Science and Libra Professor
International Relations, Comparative Politics
(207) 581-1871
Kenneth Palmer
Professor Emeritus
American Politics, State Politics, Maine Politics
(207) 581-1871
Michael Palmer
Political Philosophy
(207) 581-1879
1389918345 copy Richard Powell
Director, Institute for Leadership and Democracy
Director, Peter Madigan ’81 Congressional Internship Program
American Politics, Congress, Presidency, Leadership, Constitutional Law, China
(207) 581-1795
Seth Singleton
Adjunct Professor of Political Science and Libra Professor
Comparative Politics, Asia
(207) 581-1871
Stefano Tijerina
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Comparative Politics, Canada, Latin America, IPE
(207) 581-1875
Vekasi_rounded Kristin Vekasi
Assistant Professor, Political Science and School of Policy & International Affairs (SPIA)
International Political Economy, Asian Politics, Foreign Direct Investment
(207) 581-1876
James Warhola
Professor and Chair
Comparative Politics, Eastern & Central Europe, Political Theory
(207) 581-1878