After UMaine

Our political science students pursue a wide variety of exciting graduate school and career paths after UMaine. They have made their way to positions in the federal and Maine state governments, nonprofit organizations, think tanks, law practices, and numerous other exciting careers. Whether at the U.S. Capitol, a major city abroad, or a small town in Maine, they continue to benefit from their UMaine education.

Political Science is an ideal liberal arts major that helps students develop the essential skills that employers value–critical thinking, written and oral communications, and the ability to analyze and respond to a variety of situations.

Our faculty advisors work closely with students to help them with their post-UMaine plans. Check out our resource on paths and professional opportunities with an undergraduate degree in political science. If you are one of our former students, please head to our alumni page and let us know what you’ve been up to, so we can keep in touch.

Click on the links below to learn more about the tremendous accomplishments and achievements of just some of our impressive University of Maine Political Science alumni. 

Admiral Gregory G. Johnson (Ret.), ’68

Sen. Olympia Snowe, ’69

James Tierney, ’69

Barbara Butler Merrill, ’79

Peter Madigan, ’81

Joseph Baldacci, ’87

Tim Pease, ’89

Gary Bresnehan, ’90

Brent Littlefield, ’93

Khalil Habib, ’96

Marie E. Hansen, ’97

Sean Carroll, ’98

William B. Parsons, ’99

Lindsay Lawrence-Videnieks, ’99 

Kyle L. Parker, ’99

Krisjand Rothweiler, ’03

Gregory P. Williams, ’04

Matthew Gagnon

Katie Gray, ’05

Jeff Frank, ’06

Christina Brown, ’06

Matthew Hunter, ’06

Bryan Kaenrath, ’06

Nicklaus Laverty, ’06

Christopher S. Leavitt, ’08

Meghan Simonds, ’08

Robert Caverly, ’09

Kyle Pfeiffer, ’09

Nick Roy, ’09

James Lyons, ’10

Kevin Price, ’11

Ross Wolland, ’11

Ben Goodman, ’12

Michael Shepherd, ’12