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Senator George J. Mitchell Center & Maine's Sustainability Solutions Initiative

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Road to Solutions - Climate & Energy

Renewable Energy from the Tides Helping Communities Weather Storms Effects of Climate Change on Organisms Biomass Energy Production in Northern Maine Biodiversity Response to Climate Change
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Renewable Energy from the Tides
Maine is one of the most promising places in the world for tidal power. This SSI research team is helping ensure that tidal power is developed in ways that promote economic development and protect marine ecosystems as part of the Maine Tidal Power Initiative…

Helping Communities Weather the Storms
Increasingly intense and frequent storms are striking Maine and New England, causing millions of dollars in damage and threatening fragile ecosystems. This SSI research team will help Maine communities better understand and prepare for the potential local impacts of climate change…

Effects of Climate Change on Organisms
Global warming is expected to have a profound effect on Maine’s climate in the coming decades, potentially affecting human health and triggering significant changes and geographic shifts in the state’s agriculture, forests, and wildlife. Could a warmer future spell the end of pines in the Pine Tree State, along with such iconic and important species as maple trees and moose?

Biomass Energy Production in Northern Maine
Agriculture in northern Maine has declined by about 50 percent since the 1940s, leaving thousands of acres of former potato fields and other crop lands idle. Public and private entities are now looking to this land as a source of economic development for growing crops for energy, food, or animal feed…

Integrating Global Species Distributions, Remote Sensing Information and Climate Station Data to Assess Recent Biodiversity Response to Climate Change
Thanks to remotely-sensed and ground-based climate observations society now has an extremely detailed understanding of the geography and magnitude of recent climate change. The detail and relative geographic evenness of this knowledge is in stark contrast to that of the spatial distribution of biodiversity and its changes over time…

Virtual Reality Interactions
Using Immersive Virtual Reality to Understand the Impacts of Wind Energy Siting
Many sustainability solutions are designed or enhanced by developing and siting new technologies (e.g., reducing greenhouse gases by generating power using wind energy). Yet the impact of these newly sited technologies on the quality of life of local residents and on tourism can be incredibly difficult to envision…

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