Alice Kelley

Climate Change Institute | Department of Anthropology | Hudson Museum | Marine/Coastal and Sedimentary Group

My research interests are focused on geoarchaeology: specifically how humans deal with and are influenced by landscapes and environmental factors. This interest has lead to research on changing aboriginal occupation patterns as related to the postglacial development of a major river valley in Maine, investigations of sand invasions of sites in Shetland and Peru, currently submerged pre-European sites off the Maine coast, and coastal erosion of archaeological sites. I work with colleagues in the School of Earth and Climate Sciences, the Climate Change Institute, and several other universities and colleges. Our work uses a variety of geological and geophysical tools in the analysis of archaeological sites. Additionally, I have mapped the surficial geology of several quadrangles in the central portion of the state of Maine.

I have been associated with the School of Earth and Climate Sciences since 1984.