Anthropology promotes understanding and appreciation of social complexity and diversity,
actively improving the human condition.



Anthropology is the study of humans. Anthropologists study the entire spectrum of human existence from 6.5 million years ago when the first hominid set foot on the African continent, the process of human evolution, domestication of plants and animals, development of civilization, migration to the ends of the earth, and the present day diversity of cultures, religions, economies, and kinship systems seen around the world. Anthropology provides a well-rounded, generalist education that enhances wide career choices and provides students with the ability to critically evaluate theories, options, and actions that affect humankind.


In Memory of Brian Robinson

Brian RobinsonBrian Robinson, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Climate Change, passed away October 27, 2016 at his home after a long illness. Brian was a highly valued member of the department, university, community, and state. His impact will be felt for many years to come.

A press release with more information has been issued by UMaine.