Global Engagement

International education is an important component of the anthropology undergraduate experience. Since 2009, a total of 200 anthropology and international affairs students have participated in international exchange programs in more than 45 countries. In conjunction with Anthropology faculty advisors, our majors work closely with the University of Maine’s International Programs office to determine which program and country is right for them. Location, available coursework, and academic structure can vary significantly by program, but the International Programs staff is ready to help!


Whether students are inspired by a desire for an immersive cultural experience, foreign language acquisition, international research and internship possibilities, or simply global curiosity, there is a perfect program out there for each individual. Below are just a few snapshots of student experiences in recent years:

Lilja Bernheim — Dubrovnik, Croatia

Program: Academic Programs International (API), Spring 2019

Honors College; Double major: Human Dimensions of Climate Change / Anthropology; Minor: Native American Studies

Spring 2019 Coursework: Comparative Political Systems; History of Diplomacy; International Conflicts, Security, and Peace; International Organizations; and Negotiation and Conflict Resolution


“API’s program in International Relations and Diplomacy in Dubrovnik, Croatia, provided me with access to engaging courses not offered at UMaine, the challenge of cultural immersion, and unique travel opportunities (such as program excursions to Split, Plitvice Lakes, and Rome). The program precipitated marketable skills, new friendships, a deeper understanding of Croatian culture and international relations studies, and unforgettable stories.” —Lilja Bernheim

Emma Leonard — Santiago, Chile

Program: University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC), Academic Year 2017-2018

Major: International Affairs – Culture, Conflict, and Globalization; Minor: Spanish

Fall 2017 Coursework: Dances of Latin America; Latin American Art and Society; Spanish Composition I; Spanish Composition II; Spanish Conversation and Oral Skills

Spring 2018 Coursework: Southern Chile Cultures and Languages; Modern Latin American History; Latin American Technology and International Relations; Advanced Spanish I; Advanced Spanish II


“Throughout my year studying abroad, I gained endless amounts of knowledge and grew exponentially as a person. I will never forget the adventures I took through Chile, nor the life long friends with whom I went on those adventures.” —Emma Leonard

Jarred Haynes — Indonesia

Program:  School for International Training (SIT), Summer 2019

Major: Anthropology

Summer 2019 Coursework: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Conservation; Biodiversity and Conservation Field Project; Beginning Bahasa Indonesia (language)

“Studying in Indonesia brought me an awareness of the complex relationships humans have with their land and wildlife. The trip afforded me both personal, academic, and spiritual opportunities that have changed my worldviews and help me appreciate both the natural and social worlds. I hope to use these experiences to further myself as a person and as an academic.” —Jarred Haynes

Anna Olsen — Tanzania

Program: UMaine Travel Study, Spring Break 2017

Major: Anthropology; Double Minor: International Affairs / Biology

Course: Ecology and Environmental Sciences 475: Field Studies in Ecology – Tanzania


“Studying abroad is not about learning through studying, its learning through experience. A classroom is a fine place to learn about the food-chain, but in order to experience it, you must know what it feels like to sit under a tree full of lions. Being in Tanzania gave me a whole new fascination and appreciation for the delicate balance of ecology and all the individual factors that create a thriving and adaptive environment.” —Anna Olsen

Brittney Nickerson — Cork, Ireland

Program: UMaine Direct Exchange, University College Cork, Spring 2017

Major: Anthropology; Minor: Religious Studies

Spring 2017 Coursework: The European Union and the International System; Exploring the Otherworld: Popular Beliefs and Symbols; Irish Archaeology: Prehistoric, ‘Celtic,’ and Historic; Sociology of Religions and Civilizations; Wetland Archaeology and Paleoenvironments


“I grew up reading about so many fascinating cultures, and studying abroad gave me the opportunity to explore the world that I had fallen in love with. It was my first chance to step onto archaeological sites, touch the pillars of historic architecture, and visit some of humanity’s most profound discoveries. Through documenting my experience, I realized my passion for writing about anthropology — a passion that propels my career forward to this day.” —Brittney Nickerson